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Neoz V4 cordless lamps, 2006

These are six Neoz V4 cordless lamps with accessories. The accessories include base stations and extenders, chargers, power cords with plugs and a battery pack containing lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. The lamps were manufactured from glass, plastic and metal by NEOZ Pty Ltd, Sydney, in 2006. The 'Owl 1' lamp has a ...


TV lamp made by Rite-Lite, 1957

This is a gold anodised aluminium table lamp made by Rite-Lite, Melbourne, Victoria. The lamp has a cone-shaped shade with repeated perforated letters 'TV' around the top edge. It has a hinged cover at the top that lifts up to allow up-lighting and brightness control. There is a round base with a white plastic switch, a ...


Leitz arc lamp for microscope, c1912

This is a Leitz arc lamp for use with a microscope when coloured filtration was necessary and for photomicrography when ordinary illuminators were too weak or unsuitable. It was powered by a 6-volt battery. The lamp was made by Ernst Leitz in around 1912 and was used by Commonwealth Serum Laboratories, Victoria. The lamp ...


Exhibition Building illuminated for the Federation celebrations, Melbourne 1901

This is a glass plate negative stereograph depicting the illuminated Exhibition Building at night during the Federation celebrations in Melbourne in May 1901. Ten thousand lights outlined the Exhibition Building when this image was taken. The upper lights were white, and the lower lights ruby red. They are reflected in ...


Austral Laboratory building at the Kodak factory in Abbotsford, late 1920s

This is a black-and-white photograph with sepia toning of the Kodak factory in Abbotsford, Melbourne, taken around the late 1920s. It features the Austral Laboratory building, built in 1886, which curves around Southampton Crescent on the Kodak factory site. A car and two trucks, with their drivers standing beside them, ...


Textile workers cutting out garment patterns, 1950-60 - item 2

This is a black-and-white image showing male and female clothing and textile workers at a factory, probably in Melbourne, in the 1950s. They are shown standing or sitting at long workbenches on which they are cutting out pattern parts to be sewn into garments. Long lengths of white material have been laid out on the benches ...


Melbourne city at night during the Olympic Games, 1956

This is a black-and-white image from the original negative depicting a night-time view of the intersection of Flinders and Swanston streets in Melbourne. Shown here are the Young and Jackson Hotel and a number of shops and offices. Various illuminated advertising signs are visible including 'TUCKER BOX', 'THE ARGUS', and ...


Bronze key, c1880

This incomplete bronze key for a valve was excavated at Casselden Place, Melbourne, in 2003. It would have been in use in about 1880.


Materials and testing - Creating a working prototype

This is a video about the design and construction of the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games Queen’s Baton. Paul Charlwood of Charlwood Design talks about the design and testing process for the baton. The duration of this video is 1 min 32 sec.

Moving Image

Sydney: lighting the way for art

See the Sydney Harbour Bridge lit up like a rainbow and the Sydney Opera House become a canvas for a brilliant light display. During the annual Vivid Sydney event the city's iconic architecture and places are illuminated in a spectacular lightshow.

Moving Image

Choosing the location for a video interview

How do you decide what's a good location for a video interview? Catherine Marciniak and Benj Binks from ABC Open have some useful information to help you make your choice. This clip is one of eight on making a mini-documentary.

Moving Image

The intent behind designing a set that's a tent

Where could the idea of a tent as the setting for a play come from and how would it be designed for use in a theatre? What sort of lighting could be used? Who is involved in these decisions? Listen as Marg Horwell, set and costume designer, and Katie Sfetikidis, lighting designer, discuss their design work for the Malthouse ...


Cactus, 1986: 'It has to be removed'

This clip shows the inner turmoil felt by Colo (Isabelle Huppert) after learning that she may lose her sight unless she has an urgent operation. Instantly rebuffing the ultimatum from her eye specialist (Sean Scully) to have her left eye removed or to lose her sight completely, Colo returns to a house in the countryside ...


Inside Jenolan Caves, 1925

This is a black-and-white silent film clip of two tourists led by a guide through one of the Jenolan Caves in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, west of Sydney. The three people file past the camera, head and shoulders in the foreground, with limestone formations in the background. Stalactites and columns formed by ...


Olympic torch, Sydney 2000 Olympic Games

This is an Olympic torch designed for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. It is made of three sections, with an internal burner and valve mechanism. The main body of the torch, the inner section, is polished stainless steel and contains the fuel cylinder and burner. The middle section is blue anodised aluminium. The outer section ...


Home movie of the filming of 'On the Beach', 1959

This clip shows the opening titles and first scenes of a home movie filmed at Canadian Bay, Mount Eliza, Victoria, where the Hollywood movie 'On the Beach' was being filmed in 1959. Hawaiian music and a voice-over in an Australian accent provide the background to images of people on the beach, boats and men carrying film ...


Love Serenade, 1996: 'I got off in Sunray'

This clip shows laid-back radio DJ Ken Sherry (George Shevtsov) alone in the studio in the rural town of Sunray. He introduces himself with a revealing monologue that is followed by a sexually suggestive Barry White song. Dimity (Miranda Otto) stares up at roadside speakers playing the song, seemingly transfixed by it as ...

Interactive resource

Lights, camera, action: lighting

Explore how lighting effects are used in films to tell a story. Learn words used to describe light levels and lighting effects. See how combinations of lighting can hide or reveal things, set a mood and influence audience feelings. Look at ways to create feelings such as excitement, humour or fear. For example, dim lighting ...

Interactive resource

Electrifying concert: lighting

Align a light source with holes in panels to test the direction that light rays travel. Assemble a spotlight and position its parts to create a range of lighting effects. This learning object is one in a series of two objects. The series is also packaged as a combined learning object.

Interactive resource

Lighting: light travels in straight lines

Align a light source with holes in panels to test the direction that light rays travel. This learning object is one in a series of two objects.