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Marking up the price of goods

Why do many items cost far more in Australia than they do overseas? Find out how and why Australian businesses mark up their products so they can make a profit. The clip provides the context for calculating percentage mark up and discounts on shopping items.

Interactive resource

Fish tank: business start-up

Breed fish to sell at a pet market. Start with two fish and a tank. Examine the costs of food and equipment. Buy items to help take care of the fish and the tank. Think about the business impact of each purchase. Budget to increase stock and maximise profit.

Interactive resource

Dressing up: beach [French]

Find out words for clothing items in French. Identify clothing items suitable for the beach. Follow instructions to dress either a boy or a girl for the beach. This learning object is one in a series of three objects. The series is also packaged as a combined learning object.


Financial maths – purchasing and pricing

This collection of 20 digital curriculum resources is organised into four categories: purchasing within a budget; budgeting and profit-making; purchasing and best buys; and pricing and production volume. In these interactive learning objects, students are encouraged to make decisions in regard to financial situations and ...


Thrill of the Surf, 1949: Surfing, a national sport

This black-and-white clip shows surfing on Sydney's Bondi Beach in 1949 and includes scenes of surfboard building, surfers riding the waves towards the shore on the long surfboards popular at the time, surf ski riders and a rescue by surf-lifeguards. Final footage includes close-up action shots filmed alongside riders in ...


Australians at the beach, pre-1930

This is a collection of 24 digital curriculum resources focusing on Australians at the beach before 1930. It includes paintings, photographs and swimsuits along with numerous examples of archival film footage showing people enjoying the beach in the early 20th century. The collection is organised into periods - early 1800s, ...


'Safety pays' - asset 1

This is an unposed photograph of a group of young people on a sandy beach, eating and drinking. It was taken from a story called 'Safety pays' in the newsreel 'Australasian Gazette' filmed in 1927.


On the beach at Sorrento, 1922

This is a black-and-white silent film clip of the beach at Sorrento, Victoria, in 1922, with the camera panning across groups of women and men fully dressed or in bathing costume on the sand and going into the water. It includes close-ups of a group of fully dressed women walking with decorated parasols. This excerpt comes ...


Boats at Sorrento

This is a black-and-white silent film clip showing two canoes, one with a small sail, and two larger boats crowded with people at Sorrento, a popular holiday resort within half a day's travel from Melbourne. It comes from the 1922 film, 'Sorrento', showing the area's attractions for tourists.


Beach scenes near Geelong

This is a clip from the black-and-white silent film, 'Geelong', of a group of merrymakers at a beach near Geelong, Victoria, in 1929. It shows men and women engaged in games such as a three-legged race and 'blind man's buff', running into the surf with surfboards and a woman surfing inshore holding a board.


St Kilda beach, Victoria

This is a still image from a silent era documentary film of St Kilda beach, Victoria, released in 1910. It shows a very crowded beach scene with adults promenading along the lower esplanade foreshore and children frolicking and wading at the water's edge. The image was taken c1910 during the time that Luna Park, which can ...


At the beach in Sydney

This is an excerpt from a silent documentary series 'Glimpses of Australia', entitled 'Sons of the surf'. It shows boys in bathers and a man in a suit at the water's edge followed by the intertitle, 'The long roll of Pacific breakers on the sun drenched Sydney beaches offers a temptation few can resist.'. The excerpt ends ...


A beach rescue in 'Sunshine Sally'

This is a frame blow-up from the 1922 silent era film 'Sunshine Sally'. It shows a beach scene with surf lifesavers rescuing Sally from the surf at Coogee Beach in Sydney, New South Wales, using the reel and line method.


Luna Park, St Kilda on Boxing Day - asset 3

This is an excerpt from 'The St Kilda Esplanade on Boxing Day', a black-and-white silent documentary film made in 1913. The excerpt contains two scenes. The first shows a large crowd at the beach on what appears to be quite a windy day - some are wading in the water near a rocky section, while others in the distance are ...


Exercising on the beach in 1946

This is a photograph of young men and boys exercising by touching their toes, 'aeroplane'-style, on a beach at Newcastle, New South Wales, in 1946.


Exercising racehorses

This is an excerpt from a 1921 silent era newsreel, entitled 'WARRNAMBOOL ANNUAL RACES. MAY 1921. FIRST DAY, TUESDAY 3rd'. It shows strappers and trainers prior to the annual race meeting at Warrnambool lightly exercising some racehorses in the surf on Warrnambool beach, Victoria, and holding the reins as the horses roll ...


Manly Beach in 1949

This is a photograph of a crowded Manly Beach, in Sydney, New South Wales, in 1949. There is a lifeguard and surf lifesaving patrol enclosure in the foreground and hundreds of bathers both on the beach and in the water.


'Sydney's sunny beaches' - asset 1

This is an excerpt from a silent documentary made in 1925, which features crowds enjoying the surf at Bondi Beach. The excerpt shows children and young people enjoying the waves close to the shore and large groups of men bodysurfing.


'Sydney's sunny beaches' - asset 2

This is an excerpt from a silent documentary made in 1925, which shows a day out at Bondi Beach. It features men and children engaged in physical exercise, including boys forming a human pyramid and girls doing cartwheels. The excerpt opens with the intertitle 'The sport develops fine vigorous men and healthy, happy women ...


Having fun on the beach near Hobart

This is an extract from silent black-and-white footage shot in Tasmania in 1932 and it features three scenes of three young women on the beach. In the first they walk past the camera, while in the second they cartwheel in the opposite direction. In the third, they walk back towards the camera, laughing.