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Barren places come to life

Australian artist Ash Keating has created environmental projects in Australia and internationally. In 2009, he completed the Westpark Proposition project in an industrial landscape on Melbourne's urban fringe. This work was filmed for a following video installation. Watch as he throws paint from buckets and sprays colour ...


'Painting', 1958

This is a painting in synthetic polymers by Ralph Balson (1890-1964). Made in 1958 and measuring 137.0 cm x 137.0 cm, the painting consists of an all-over pattern of black, blue and white daubs of paint that are spaced more or less evenly across the entire image. A number of these daubs, particularly the white units, have ...


'Metal sculpture', c1974

This is a metal sculpture, measuring 122.5 cm x 63.0 cm, made in about 1974 by Robert Klippel (1920-2001). It consists of a large number of variously sized metal shapes and rods joined together to form an open, see-through construction. The sculpture consists of a box-form base made from straight metal rods, and two vertical ...


'Cell culture', 2002

This is a mixed media installation made in 2002 by Fiona Hall (1953-). The work consists of around 30 objects arranged on three shelves of a very large wooden-framed glass display case (vitrine), which measures 157 cm x 247 cm x 90 cm. Each of the objects has been constructed from differently shaped white plastic containers ...


'Subway escalator', 1953

This is a tempera painting by Frank Hinder (1906-92), dated 1953. Measuring 92.8 cm x 72.5 cm, this largely abstract work is dominated by a centrally placed lozenge-shaped unit consisting of a mass of variously sized and blue-coloured crystalline shapes. This central unit runs diagonally from the bottom right to the top ...


Howard Taylor: 'No horizon', 1994

This resource includes an enlargeable image and catalogue information about the painting 'No horizon' by Howard Taylor (1918-2001). Included is a video with audio commentary interpreting the painting, its style and meaning, and information about the artist's career. Additional information about his ideas and method of working ...


'Mirmande', 1928

This is a landscape in oils, measuring 81.0 cm x 100.5 cm, painted in 1928 by Grace Crowley (1890-1979). The main feature of the painting is a walled town set on a hilltop and overlooked by a large mountain. There are several clumps of trees and groups of houses in the foreground of the work. There is very little detail ...


'Robe', 1947

This is an oil painting, measuring 50.8 cm x 61.3 cm, by Jeffrey Smart (1921-) dating from 1947. It shows a shipyard scrap heap, consisting of old bits of machinery and metal that are piled up and scattered about. The assortment of items is dominated by a large cylindrical drum propped up on two large horizontal pipes. ...


'Dead Goebbels he say', 1971

This is an oil painting made in 1971 by Richard Larter (1929-). Measuring 123.5 cm x 185.0 cm, the work consists of a number of faces and figures that have been appropriated from newspapers and magazines and arranged informally on a flat surface. One of the images of the men (upper right) wears a military cap and is gesticulating ...


'New home from outer space', 1971

This is a clip showing almost the entire item about a futuristic fibreglass dwelling. It featured in the weekly black-and-white newsreel, Australian Movie Magazine, released to cinemas on 28 October 1971. The clip shows a Scandinavian house shaped like a flying saucer and set up in an artificial pond in Perth. Two black ...


'Music', 1928

This linocut print shows five stylised nudes - a pianist and four dancers - bending and swaying wildly to the rhythms of the music. The patterns made by their outstretched ochre bodies interact with bands of red, blue and green that sweep from several directions in arcs across the page to produce a dynamic and decorative ...


'Woman (Annunciation)', c1939

This painting by Grace Crowley is a cubist-inspired depiction of a seated partly naked woman who looks out at the viewer. Her elongated right arm and the right side of her chest and face are painted fairly naturalistically, while the rest of her is suggested by semi-geometric shapes of different colours. Some of those shapes ...


'Cream filling; phew, finger ring', 1971

In this acrylic painting by Richard Larter, 12 separate pictures are interspersed with multicoloured abstract designs. Painted onto the canvas to look like cut-outs are: a woman's face drawn in comic-book style; Elvis Presley singing into a microphone; two topless women; Friedrich Nietzsche; a skull, Mick Jagger singing; ...


Emile Gallé vase, c1906

This is a glass vase made by the Emile Gallé glassworks in France at some stage between 1906 and 1910. The cylindrical vase features a spread base decorated with a pattern of leaves and flowers acid etched into the mulberry-coloured glass. The vase is signed 'Gallé' near the base. It is 33.5 cm high and 12.5 cm in diameter.


Perfume bottle by René Lalique, 1909

This is a 1909 'Eau de Coty' perfume bottle. Its design is attributed to René Lalique, England. The bottle comes complete with a frosted glass stopper in the form of a flowerhead. The rectangular label at the centre front of the bottle features a design of two ethereal women, each standing with an arm upraised and a child ...


Laminated glass sculpture, 'The Beginning of the End', c1995

This is a glass collage exploring the theme of birth and the intensity of life through a chaotic and colourful juxtaposition of glass assembled then fired. the panel is: 86.5 cm x 24.0 cm.


Bakelite Airzone mantle radio, 1938

This is an Airzone model 5057 'Symphony Leader' radio receiver. The radio cabinet is in a brown bakelite 'tombstone' form with a large circular frequency dial and four brown knobs below the dial. The speaker grille has three segments, which are outlined with rigid, white plastic fittings. Brown-and-white speckled fabric ...

Moving Image

Robert Klippel: 'Number 751', 1989

This resource includes an enlargeable image, with corresponding catalogue information, of the bronze sculpture 'Number 751' by Robert Klippel (1920-2001). There is also a video with audio commentary on the artist's career and his artwork. The onscreen text provides additional information about the artist's views, his production ...

Moving Image

James Cant: 'Objects in the landscape', 1936

This resource includes an enlargeable image, with corresponding catalogue information, of the surrealist painting 'Objects in the landscape' by James Cant (1911-82). There is also a video with audio commentary, onscreen text on the artist's career and an interpretation of the painting. Cant was influenced by Surrealism, ...


Imants Tillers: 'Terra incognita', 2005

This resource includes an enlargeable image and catalogue information about the large-format painting 'Terra incognita' by Imants Tillers (1950-). Included is a video with audio commentary on the artist's career and his artwork. The commentary is also provided as text on the web page. The painting's title means 'unknown ...