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Indian 'Scout' motorcycle, 1923

This is a red Indian 'Scout' motorcycle produced by the Hendee Manufacturing Company at Springfield, Massachusetts, USA. It is held in the collection of Museum Victoria. The motocycle is 211 cm long x 72 cm wide x 90 cm high.


'Planet' motorcycle, 1916

This is a custom-built, twin-cylinder, 1497 cc motorcycle made by John Oliver in 1916. It was designed primarily for racing; its heaviness and long wheelbase made it difficult to control and somewhat impractical for everyday use. It is held in the collection of Museum Victoria. The motorcycle is 235.0 cm long x 73.0 cm ...


General Motors-Holden's - Monaro, Three New Models, 1968

This colour clip shows the introductory part of a 1968 television advertisement for the Holden HK Monaro two-door sports coupé. The clip begins with scenes of formula and production car races, pit action, drivers and female fans. Over an instrumental soundtrack, a male narrator describes 'today's world' and 'today's people'. ...


Protest funeral for a tree, 1994

This is a 1994 black-and-white photograph measuring 16 cm x 21 cm, taken by Nina Landis, showing Melbourne protesters conducting a funeral for trees cut down in Albert Park to make way for the Grand Prix racing circuit. Pallbearers follow two black-clad women who carry ceremonial gum leaves.


Bugatti Type 37A racing car, 1928

This is a Bugatti Type 37A racing car that was made in 1928 at the Bugatti plant in France. It is a two-seater Grand Prix car, measuring 1.4 m (height) x 1.6 m (width) x 3.9 m (length). The bodywork is finished in French racing blue, with a horseshoe-shaped radiator of German silver. There are headlights on either side ...