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Dr Tom Rich talks about clues to dinosaur behaviour, 2009

This is a video in which Museum Victoria's Dr Tom Rich talks about how scientists find clues to dinosaur behaviour. The video was made in 2009.


Dr John Long, winner of science prize for Gogo fossil discovery in 2005

This photograph shows Dr John Long, who won the 2008 Australasian Science Prize for his discovery of a 375-million-year-old fossil and embryo in 2005.


'Gogonasus' fossil discovery and animal evolution

This is a pictorial reconstruction of the now-extinct 'Gogonasus', an ancient fish whose discovery may have implications for the history of animal evolution.


Fossil fish and the origins of sexual reproduction

This video, which explores the origins of sexual reproduction, begins by showing an image of a male 'Incisoscutum' fish fossil. It then presents an animation of how a male and female fish of this type might have met, copulated and parted. The video finishes with a close-up image of a female specimen that shows the embryo ...


Fish fossils from Gogo

This is an information sheet describing some of the fish fossils found at Gogo, Western Australia.


Gogo fish fossil site

This information sheet provides information about Museum Victoria’s fossil-hunting expeditions to Gogo in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.


Fossil mother fish

This is an information sheet that tells the story of the discovery of a fossil fish that is the world's oldest vertebrate mother. Also available is an animation showing the mother fish giving birth and a video of Dr John Long describing the find, how the fossils are prepared, and their significance.


Dr John Long talking about the Gogo fossil mother fish

This video shows Dr John Long of Museum Victoria speaking about the fossil fish 'Materpiscis attenboroughi', found at Gogo Station in Western Australia. He describes the process of extracting the fossils from the rock and the importance of the discoveries at Gogo.


Dinosaurs and fossils

This website presents detailed information by Museum Victoria scientists on fossils and other palaeontological topics.

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South Australia's ancient sea fossils

Come on a palaeontologist's dig at Emu Bay, South Australia, and discover some weird-looking creatures frozen in stone. Find out what these fossils tell scientists about life on the ancient sea floor. There is a demonstration of how a fossil is formed, and you'll be surprised by the types of materials that have been preserved.

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Past changes, future lessons

Earth has experienced periods of dramatic climate change in the past, with the Eocene epoch a period of significant climate fluctuations. Watch this clip to find out how plants and animals were affected by changes to climate in the past, and how knowing about this may help us in the future.

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How big is Australia's largest dinosaur bone?

Visit the Queensland Museum in this clip and meet the person who discovered Australia's largest dinosaur bone. At around 26 metres long, Cooper the titanosaur was huge, and you will see footage of his bones on display. Find out also about the process of extracting, preparing and displaying fossilised dinosaur bones.

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Digging for diprotodons

Ever dreamed of finding buried treasure in your own backyard? For Natasha Camp, this is a reality. Her 'treasure' is not gold or silver, but the bones of ancient Australian megafauna. In this Heywire photo story, Natasha describes the latest dig at Floraville Station, Queensland, her family's property. It was on this dig ...


The Changing Face of Australia, 1970: Signs of life

This clip shows Reginald Sprigg revisiting the site in the Ediacaran Hills of the Flinders Ranges in South Australia where, as a young mining geologist in 1946, he discovered fossils of the oldest known life forms on Earth. Sprigg talks about the discovery, a narrator tells of the significance of the find in the history ...


Inverloch dinosaur fossil site

This is an information sheet on the Flat Rocks fossil site near Inverloch in Victoria. It includes information on the fossils at this site and how to get involved as a volunteer for the Dinosaur Dreaming field digs at the site. The information sheet is available as a PDF for download. There is also a link to Museum Victoria's ...

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Nordenskjöld, Antarctica and two long winters

Early in the 1900s, several long expeditions set out to delve into the mysteries of Antarctica. One of them made some remarkable scientific discoveries about life that existed long ago on the continent. But it wasn't all smooth sailing. This 1901-1903 Swedish expedition was plagued with problems. Watch this clip to find out more.