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Listed under:  Society  >  Culture  >  Folklore  >  Paranormal

My Place - Episode 13: 1888: Victoria, Treasured objects

Victoria and her siblings design a spell to ensure the family doesn't have to leave the house. They hide eight treasured objects around the house to ward off bad omens.


The Sharkcallers of Kontu, 1982: 'Special power'

This clip depicts shark calling on New Ireland in Papua New Guinea. A Kontu villager sits in front of his house and expresses his fear that the skill of calling the sharks for men to kill has been lost with the death of the last shark caller. A young man is then shown at sea in a narrow outrigger canoe, thumping the water ...


'Medicine Story' by Uta Uta (Wuta Wuta) Tjangala, 1971

This is an earth pigment, acrylic and enamel painting by Uta Uta (Wuta Wuta) Tjangala - possibly his earliest representation of the Yina (Old Man) story. Yina was powerful and dangerous, and is often referred to as a 'medicine one', meaning he practised a kind of sorcery. He is shown travelling west from Kampurarrpa and ...

Moving Image

Magic tricks revealed using chemistry

Some magic tricks, such as disappearing ink or candles that won't blow out, can be explained by chemistry. In this clip, three classroom chemistry experiments demonstrate that some familiar magic tricks rely on acid-base chemical reactions, and the properties and behaviour of gases. Watch closely if you've ever wanted to ...


Animal research

This collection of 25 digital curriculum resources looks at different aspects of animal research. It is arranged under three headings: collecting and identifying animals, field research and laboratory research. Video clips show researchers employing different scientific methods to conduct studies, including analysing samples ...