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Interactive resource

Making a difference: Yagan

Explore perspectives on Australia’s Indigenous heritage through photos and text about Yagan, a Noongar leader who lived in the Swan River region of Western Australia (c.1795–1833). Trace his story, including his conflicts with settlers and efforts to protect his people. Investigate how the government of the time handled ...

Teacher resource

The development of Australian nationhood - Teacher idea

This Teacher idea is designed to be interesting and comprehensive – the teacher wanted to avoid the 'drier' approach that she had taken in the past. It includes interactive learning objects, film clips, photographs, posters, cartoons, maps and documents examining Australia’s road to nationhood. It includes a unit of work ...


Fire in Darwin's Chinatown, 1942

This is a black-and-white photograph showing the destruction by fire of Cavenagh Street in Darwin's Chinatown. Two servicemen can be seen standing well away from the fire, watching the scene. The air above the roofs of several low-lying buildings is filled with a thick pall of black smoke. A dirt road bordered by scrub ...


Proposal to take Aboriginal children to new NT settlement, 1911

This is a letter from the administrator of the Northern Territory, Samuel Mitchell, to the federal minister for external affairs, Egerton Batchelor, suggesting that police 'gather in' all 'half caste children' who are living with Aboriginal people and take them to a proposed Aboriginal settlement. He notes that 'No doubt ...


Report on rationing and conditions in Kahlin Compound, 1936

This is a report dated 22 May 1936 for the Chief Protector of Aboriginals, Darwin. It covers food 'RATIONING AND GENERAL CONDITIONS OF HALFCASTE INMATES OF KAHLIN COMPOUND' in Darwin. The acting superintendent, A X Herbert, outlines how food rations were issued to the 210 'inmates' over the previous seven weeks. He also ...


Batman Land Deed, 1835

This is a handwritten document in dark-brown ink on vellum, being one of two deeds signed by local Indigenous people and the Port Phillip Association in 1835. It is known as the 'Dutigalla' or 'Melbourne Deed'. The text begins with 'Know all Persons ...' in bold and encased in scrolls. In the lower right corner are eight ...


Indigenous students at school, c1941

This black-and-white photograph shows five Indigenous Australian children at school. Shot in close-up the photograph shows the young children gazing attentively, pencils in hand. They are seated in two crowded rows at long wooden desks and have half-size exercise books in addition to their pencils.


Painting the Town - A Film About Yosl Bergner, 1987: Anti-fascist exhibition

This clip discusses an anti-fascist art exhibition held in Adelaide and Melbourne in 1942, shows examples from the exhibition and then focuses on examples of Yosl Bergner's work depicting Indigenous Australians. The narration explains that the exhibition was a response to the devastation of war and the persecution of Jews ...


Bra Boys, 2007: 'Place of thunder'

This clip from the documentary 'Bra Boys' gives a brief history of Maroubra, the Abberton brothers and the Maroubra surf tribe, the Bra Boys. Images from etchings, paintings and an animation illustrate Maroubra's earliest history. Archival film and stills reveal the evolution of a disadvantaged modern community. The Abberton ...


After Mabo, 1997: Fiction of terra nullius

The clip shows Indigenous leaders Peter Yu and Noel Pearson discussing Indigenous rights to land and the native title legislation that was introduced by the Labor government under prime minister Paul Keating after the Mabo decision in 1992. It includes the government's rationale and a discussion of the effect on pastoral ...


After Mabo, 1997: A country's shame

The clip shows developments over the three-year period from the passage in December 1993 of the Native Title Act 1993 in the Australian Senate to the response to tabled amendments to the Act after John Howard became prime minister in 1996. It includes footage of the parliamentary debate and the main points in the legislation, ...


After Mabo, 1997: Law stick

The clip shows the Howard government's response to the Wik decision of 23 December 1996 and Indigenous responses to the government's signals that there would be further amendments to the Native Title Act 1993. It shows part of the Aboriginal Land Councils' Wik Summit in 1997. Wik Elder Jean George calls for justice and ...


Martin Luther King Jr delivering his 'I have a dream' speech, 1963

This is a black-and-white photograph of the American black civil rights leader, Martin Luther King Jr (1929-68), delivering his 'I have a dream' speech in Washington, DC, on 28 August 1963. Dressed in a suit and tie, King is pictured standing at a lectern with a bank of microphones, with one hand in the air. Other African ...


Blood Brothers - Freedom Ride, 1993: Children join the bus

This clip shows a colour re-enactment of part of the 1965 protest against racism known as the Freedom Ride, which took place in rural towns in New South Wales. The clip opens with black-and-white archival footage and then switches to a colour re-enactment of the bus stopping to pick up excited children. The footage is accompanied ...

Teacher resource

From rain to river - unit of work

This unit of work is designed to help younger students know and understand the importance of water to living things, the water cycle and that water is a precious resource.

Teacher resource

Using 'From rain to river' - Teacher idea

In this Teacher idea, year 1 students investigate the water cycle and relate it to their own drought-affected rural environment. They engage in a range of activities and learn how to be more responsible users of water. The Teacher idea includes reflections following the teaching of R11372 'From rain to river - unit of work'.

Teacher resource

Water for life - unit of work

The unit of work is designed to help younger students know and understand the importance of water to living things and that water is a precious resource.

Teacher resource

The water cycle - unit of work

This unit of work is designed to help younger students know and understand the importance of the water cycle and that water is a precious resource.

Teacher resource

Water is precious - unit of work

This unit of work is designed to help younger students know and understand the importance of water to living things and that water is a precious resource.


Reduce, reuse, recycle

This is a collection of 20 digital curriculum resources about environmental sustainability. The collection is organised into three sections - household actions; industry actions; and community actions. The resources explore strategies that reduce consumption of resources and energy. The primary focus is on the reduction ...