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Letter to Leading Aircraftman Howard Kellehear from Nell, 18 Jan 1942

This is a two-page letter, handwritten on lined paper with four emblems printed along top edge in red and blue: ACF, RSL, THE SALVATION ARMY and YMCA. The paper is creased, stained and has minor losses. It is somewhat browned. It measures 24.6 cm long x 19.6 cm wide.

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Observing a cockatoo

Meet Charlie, a pet cockatoo. Watch other cockatoos in the wild as they climb, fly and walk around. Discover the reason for the name of the sulphur-crested cockatoo.

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A Song about a sulphur-crested cockatoo

Do you know any songs about Australian animals? Listen to this song about sulphur-crested cockatoos performed by Don Spencer. Get a close up look at a sulphur-crested cockatoo and see the antics (funny actions) it gets up to.

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This cocky rocks

Meet Max and Cocky, his pet sulphur-crested cockatoo. Discover how Max handles his cheeky pet. Find out what body part he uses that has earned him the title 'the destroyer'.

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Mission to save an endangered parrot

Tasmania's Orange-bellied Parrot is one of Australia's rarest birds and is critically endangered. Watch this clip to see the work of national park scientists who are releasing captive-bred birds back into the wild. The birds are being released in remote Tasmanian environments where they will hopefully be safe from feral ...

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Travels in Indonesia: museum

Find a museum in an Indonesian town. Look closely at exhibits such as a tapestry, porcelain bowl and coffin. Talk with a museum guide and a local visitor. Use cultural knowledge to explore information politely. This learning object is one in a series of five objects.

Interactive resource

Take a deep breath

Watch what happens inside the human body during physical activity. Look at diagrams of the human circulatory and respiratory systems. Explore the functions of major organs and tissues. Examine animations showing how a person breathes and how the heart pumps blood around the body. Predict the effects of walking or running ...

Interactive resource

Character maker: movement

Build animated characters for a new cartoon show. Choose each character's walking movements to suit their personality, mood, actions and relationship to other characters. For example, show a character is sad by choosing a slow walk with feet dragging along the ground. Combine elements such as speed, posture and bounciness. ...

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Zou ba! Transport

Explore the words for a range of transport types such as train, bus, ferry, car, bike, walking. Find out how to ask someone what mode of transport they will be using to travel.

Interactive resource

Reacting to emergencies

Operate controls for a simulated nuclear reactor. Regulate coolant flow and position of control rods. Respond to mechanical failures and other emergencies. Ensure safe operation and avoid a meltdown. This learning object is one in a series of two learning objects.

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The journey of the Hong Hai: design a museum exhibition

Retrace the journey of 38 refugees who escaped from Vietnam on a fishing boat in 1978. They were the first in a wave of 'boat people' to reach Australia's shores. Find out about the hardships and key events of the 51-day voyage. Collect historic objects from the trip such as a watch, guitar and binoculars. Use these objects ...


Phar Lap's Heart, 1932

This is the preserved heart of Phar Lap, a champion racehorse of the late 1920s and early 1930s. It weighs 6.2 kg. A triangular section has been removed and is believed to have been taken for a biopsy. The heart is preserved as a 'wet specimen', submersed in a formalin solution, sealed inside a rectangular clear perspex container.


Extinct Australian animals over time

This collection of 21 digital curriculum resources is organised into five categories - fossils and geological time, early mammals and megafauna, recent extinctions, dinosaurs and invertebrates. The diverse groups of extinct Australian animals in the collection are represented in images of fossils, scientific reconstructions ...


Energy - senior years

This collection of 16 digital curriculum resources is organised into three categories - forms of energy; energy conversions; and energy management. Learning objects enable students to build energy-efficient cars; consider environmental and economic implications of a range of energy sources including solar and wind; operate ...


A Hard Rain, 2007: Scientific complexities and contradictions

This clip shows film director David Bradbury travelling by train to Dundee to interview Professor Eric Wright of the University of Dundee, who is an expert on internal radiation of humans. Wright argues against the findings of scientist Dr Chris Busby on clusters of cancers around nuclear power plants. Footage shows a nuclear ...

Teacher resource

Eternity - unit of work

In this unit of work students identify and examine the way the National Museum of Australia uses a number of key emotions to explore Australian history. They closely interrogate objects and photographs and explore the way these items can resonate emotionally and tell stories. Students explore museum displays and create ...


Power stations

This collection of 25 digital curriculum resources is divided into four sections: fossil fuel power stations; nuclear power stations; power stations using renewable energy; and comparing power stations. It contains maps, information sheets, learning objects and videos exploring the locations of power stations of all types, ...


Low-emission technology

This collection of 20 digital curriculum resources is divided into four sections: renewable energy technologies; nuclear technology; low-emission fossil fuel technologies; and comparing technologies. It contains videos, learning objects, information sheets, and a PowerPoint presentation exploring methods of reducing carbon ...


Cigarette-box holder, 1939

This cigarette-box holder was manufactured in 1939 by W B and Company for sale at the 1940 New Zealand Centennial Exhibition in Wellington. It is made from a bent sheet of metal with a lacquered paper cover. One side depicts the main tower at the New Zealand Centennial Exhibition (not shown); the other, a Mäori-style carving ...


Nellie Melba at home, c1927

This is a silent black-and-white film clip, probably from a home movie, of Dame Nellie Melba outside her house in Lilydale, Victoria, in about 1927. She walks along a colonnaded veranda, then with a parasol across a driveway to a sulfur crested cockatoo on a wooden perch beneath a shady tree, where she and the parrot dance ...