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Todorce Spasevski preparing to emigrate from Macedonia to Australia, 1964

This is a black-and-white photograph showing Todorce Spasevski walking off a ship's gangplank to a pier in Macedonia. According to his family, Spasevski was getting ready to board the ship that would take him from Macedonia to Melbourne, Australia.

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British immigrants welcomed to Sydney

After World War II, many British families migrated to Australia in search of a better life. The Australian Government also introduced a scheme for the migration to Australia of very poor or orphaned children. Influenced by the 'White Australia policy', Australia preferred British immigrants rather than people from other ...


Post World War ll migrant ships: Australis

This is a collection of online materials developed by Museum Victoria about the migrant ship Australis. The materials consist of an information sheet about the Australis, viewers' comments about their experiences onboard, and links to similar collections about other migrant ships. The information sheet contains: quick facts ...

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Protecting the Titanic

This is a video resource about the 100-year-old wreck of the ship Titanic, which lies on the Atlantic sea floor about 4 kilometres below the surface. The video describes the wreck as a site of great archaeological, historical and cultural importance as well as a memorial to those who died when the ship hit an iceberg and ...