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World rhythms: tabla

This is a teaching and learning activity to construct and play a tabla or tube-la (double drum). The activity provides a brief history of the tabla, information about the materials needed to make it, time required, assessment strategies, the construction process, how to play the instrument and extension ideas. Tabla artefacts ...


Tibetan ceremonial bell, 18th century

This is a brass Tibetan ceremonial bell known as a 'drilbu'. It was made in Tibet between 1700 and 1800. The body of the bell features ornate decoration, a tall handle with a circular hollow middle, a face on one side and a crowned top. Inside the bell a metal loop holds a long rusted metal clapper.

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My Place - Episode 23: 1788: Waruwi, Little drummer boy

Waruwi takes Dan's boots while he is in the water but does not find them to be very comfortable. Observing the camp of the marines, Waruwi is fascinated by one of their musical instruments.

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Sing, scat and scoo be doo

This is a resource about making music and scatting through singing, speaking, moving, dancing, playing and creating. It includes three videos featuring Susie Davies-Splitter presenting various songs to sing and move to and demonstrating scatting, as well as two audio tracks, an interactive xylophone, a xylophone template ...

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The symphonic sculpture of Pantha du Prince

Discover what happens when you mix computers and live musicians to generate exciting new performances. This clip features the music of Berlin-based musician Pantha du Prince (Hendrik Weber) and his collaboration with The Bell Laboratory from Norway. They combine an experimental approach to computer-generated music with ...

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The highs and lows of a musical playground

Imagine a playground designed for music. Instead of climbing on the playground equipment, you play it. Watch this clip from Behind the News to see students manipulating instruments in a musical playground to create their own performances.


Strictly Ballroom, 1992: Triumph

In this clip Scott and Fran triumph over the rigid rules of the Australian Dancing Federation with their electrifying performance of the paso doble. Although disqualified by the judges for failing to dance 'strictly ballroom' steps, they are inspired by the emotional support provided by Scott's father, Doug. His slow rhythmical ...


The Dance of the Eyes, c1940: 'The rustle of tropical palms'

This black-and-white clip shows a traditional Balinese dance, which the narrator calls 'The dance of the eyes', accompanied by a gamelan orchestra. The clip cuts between shots of women performing, showing the complex movements of the dancers, and the musicians. A rather stilted narration describes the intricacies of the ...


Palau (drum)

This is a child’s drum from Niue, made by the instrument maker Jo Saulo (now deceased) about 1980. It is constructed from an empty British Paints can. The lid and bottom have been replaced with cotton cloth that is held in place with cane. White synthetic string has been used as binding and as a suspension cord. The drum ...

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Learn the alphabet dance - item 1 of 2

This is a teaching and learning resource that outlines a process for using different movements to represent the letters of the alphabet, structure simple dance sequences and identify the cultural and social influences of dance movements. The resource includes a video featuring musician Gillian Howell and dancers creating ...

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Create an alphabet dance - item 2 of 2

This is a teaching and learning resource that focuses on creating a chorus and using transitions to structure and further develop an alphabet dance using different movements to represent the letters of the alphabet. The resource includes a video featuring musician Gillian Howell and dancers demonstrating transition in dance; ...

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Word phrases

This is a multilayered resource that focuses on how to learn and create percussion rhythms based on samba, using word phrases to create and recall rhythms. It includes three short video tutorials in which musician Chris Lewis demonstrates various rhythm techniques, and is supported by three learning activities and by teacher ...

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Musical fun with Fuzzy

This is a resource about making music through singing, speaking, moving, dancing, playing and creating. It includes two videos featuring Susie Davies-Splitter presenting some body and voice warm-up exercises, and exploring rhythm, pitch and movement with a Fuzzy the Clown pop-up puppet; two audio tracks; and a pop-up puppet ...

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Angklung music

This is an online module consisting of teacher notes, three stimulus resources and student activities that explore Angklung music and performances. The teacher notes provide background information about the elements of Angklung performance, additional online resources and pedagogical advice. The stimulus resources consist ...

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TrackSAFE Education Primary School Resources: Foundation, Year 1, Year 2 The Arts

This unit uses the idea of track safe behaviours as the stimulus for Arts activities including the lines on a platform to explore artworks that use line as medium; dramatising safe behaviours through role play; and exploring sounds and music associated with trains in order to compose and perform music that simulates a train ...