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Inanimate Alice suggested activities: a school day

This is a one-page document with suggested activities for students and relates to 'School day', the tenth 'Alice in Australia' photo story. Students consider aspects of school such as uniforms, lunches and rules through discussion and group work, including carrying out a survey and using a bar chart and pie chart to present ...

Interactive Resource

Creating Digital Stories

This resource focuses on the creation of digital stories for students with supporting activities and links to resources. It has advice and help for students to compose, adapt and publish your digital stories. This resource supports the Australian Curriculum in English K–10.

Moving Image

Writing a personal narrative (for kids)

This is a series of eight short videos for students on how to write a personal narrative. The series covers brainstorming; planning and pre-writing; writing an introduction or opening; writing a draft; writing a closing or conclusion; revising my writing; editing my writing and publishing my writing.