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African American teacher and pupils at a segregated rural school in Oklahoma, 1940

This is a black-and-white photograph showing an African American female teacher with two students in a school in Creek County in the US state of Oklahoma. The photograph was taken by Russell Lee in February 1940. Part of the caption he wrote for the image reads, 'This year, despite the fact the white school received free ...


Police arresting an African American during the Sojourner Truth housing riot, 1942

This is a black-and-white photograph showing an African American being arrested by two policemen in Detroit, Michigan. One mounted policeman looks on and another stands guard. The photograph was taken in February 1942, almost certainly on 28 February, by Arthur Siegel. Part of the photograph's caption reads: 'Riot at the ...


First African American tenants moving into the Sojourner Truth housing project, 1942

This is a black-and-white photograph showing an African American family attempting to move into the Sojourner Truth housing project in Detroit, Michigan, USA. The photograph was taken in February 1942 by Arthur Siegel. Part of its caption reads 'Riot at the Sojourner Truth homes, a new U.S. federal housing project, caused ...


Greyhound bus station in Montgomery, Alabama, 2010

This is a colour photograph showing the former Greyhound bus station at 210 South Court Street in Montgomery, Alabama, USA, now saved from demolition and boasting a restored facade. The Library of Congress notes for the photograph reveal it was the site of a violent attack on participants in the 1961 Freedom Ride during ...


'Sunbaker', 1937

This is a black-and-white photographic image made in 1937 by Max Dupain (1911-92), which measures 38.0 cm x 34.2 cm. It shows the head and shoulders of a deeply tanned man, who is lying flat on his stomach on the sand, in bright sunlight. His head is laid to one side and resting on one arm and his other arm is lying out ...


Filming from Sydney Harbour Bridge, 1962

This is a black-and-white photograph of a cinematographer filming a pan (slowly moving the camera to take in a panorama) with a 16-mm camera across the city of Sydney from the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in 1962. He is following the entrance into Circular Quay of a cruise ship. The cinematographer is on the outside ...


'Petrov sensation', 1954 - part 4 of 6

This black-and-white clip is from a newsreel story about the Petrov spy scandal and shows the dramatic scenes on the Sydney airport tarmac on 19 April 1954 as Mrs Petrov was escorted to the plane to leave Australia. Her arms linked to two men, Mrs Petrov is moved swiftly through the crowd towards the plane's rear stairs. ...


Eternity, 1994: Eternity is a long time

This clip shows an actor (Lex Foxcraft), playing Arthur Stace, walking through the streets of Sydney and using chalk to write the word 'Eternity' in neat copperplate writing on the footpath. This is interspersed with footage of writer Dorothy Hewitt and photojournalist Mark Balfour, as well as the voices of two other Sydneysiders, ...


Frontline, 1979: 'Too many pictures'

This clip shows Neil Davis talking about his experiences as an Australian combat cameraman reporting on the Vietnam War. The clip opens with Davis describing the execution of a suspected Vietcong guerilla in the streets of Saigon by the South Vietnamese police general Nguyen Ngoc Loan. Archival footage of some of the civilian ...

Teacher resource

J.W. Lindt - The Mechanical Eye of the Camera

This is a resource about how a photograph’s meaning can be manipulated like that of any other visual art form. It revolves around a video featuring Betty Churcher, the former director of the National Gallery of Australia, viewing a 19th century photograph album and then discussing images taken of the body of the bushranger ...

Moving Image

InsideArt: photography

This is an album of eight videos which focus on photography. Michel Lawrence interviews eight photographers with a wide range of visual styles, spheres of interest and experience. They reflect on their personal approaches to capturing images - including choice of subject matter, location, lighting and composition, materials ...