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Moving Image

Geoffrey Rush behind the mask

When you think of the actor Geoffrey Rush, do you ever imagine him performing silently, wearing a mask? His roles often exploit the qualities of his expressive face and distinctive voice but his approach to acting owes a lot to the traditions of physical theatre. In this interview he speaks about what led him to Europe ...


Anchor from the 'St Jean Baptiste'

This is a large anchor, made of wrought iron in about 1760. It is 4.45 metres long, 2.87 metres wide and 68 centimetres thick, and weighs 1400 kilograms. It is one of three anchors lost at Doubtless Bay in the north of the North Island of New Zealand on 27 December 1769 from the 'St Jean Baptiste', a ship captained by Jean ...


HMS 'Investigator' anchor, 1795

This is the best bower anchor from HMS 'Investigator', in which Matthew Flinders circumnavigated and charted the Australian coastline from 1801 to 1803. The anchor is made from smelted wrought iron and was made in 1795. It is 4.23 m in length and weighs 1,230 kg.


Scenes in Hamilton, c1915 - asset 8

This is silent black-and-white film footage of circus elephants pulling a large wagon that is bogged on a muddy track. It opens with the intertitle 'CIRCUS IN DIFFICULTIES' and then shows a line of elephants attached to a wagon by harnesses and chains. The wagon is laden with canvas and poles that may be part of the big ...


Behind the Big Top, 1949: The circus arrives

This black-and-white clip shows the arrival in town of the Wirth Brothers Circus. Footage is included of the circus animals and equipment being offloaded from the circus train, children hanging over a fence to watch the procession as it travels through town and elephants hauling heavy equipment to the circus lot where a ...


Behind the Big Top, 1949: Inside the sawdust arena

This black-and-white clip shows a parade of performers and animals entering the 'big top' at the beginning of a Wirth Brothers Circus show, followed by various circus acts. Included are performing elephants, a female lion tamer, antics from the clowns, professional bareback riding and a young boy from the audience attempting ...