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Square piano, 1835-38

This is a square piano with a six-octave compass from F to F, made between 1835 and 1838. It is thought to have been made by Collard and Collard, London, and it has a decorative nameplate that reads: 'Manufactured Expressly for F. ELLARD Sydney'. The piano has a solid timber case with a fold-back lid, which can be supported ...

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Zou ba! What musical instruments can you play?

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Square piano

This is a square piano made by William Rolfe and Sons of London in about 1810. It is made of wood, ivory and metal. It is thought to be the first piano in Wellington, New Zealand, brought by George Hunter, who migrated to Port Nicholson (Wellington) in 1840.


Upright piano

This is an upright piano, used aboard the Adelaide Steamship Company's vessel SS 'Quorna' during the South Australian Gulf Trips between 1913 and 1947. The piano is made of polished timber that is probably walnut. It has brass candleholders, an elaborate inlaid flower design, ornate carved columns and a folding sheet-music ...


Pianoforte by John Benham, c1835

This is an upright pianoforte, thought to be the earliest surviving Australian-made piano. Made by piano maker John Benham in about 1835, the piano is constructed on a timber frame with metal bracing and is 141.2 cm high, 121.0 cm wide and 58.8 cm deep. It has black and white keys with decorative mouldings on them and a ...


Stuart and Sons grand piano, 1999

This is a concert grand piano and stool designed by Wayne Stuart and made of Huon pine, King William pine, casuarina (she-oak) and metal by Stuart and Sons, piano makers, in Newcastle, New South Wales, between 1998 and 1999. The piano case, lid and legs are finished in highly figured Huon pine ('Lagarostrobos franklinii') ...