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Listed under:  Science  >  Earth and space  >  Landforms  >  Ponds
Interactive resource

Flow of energy: pond

Use this tool to create a diagram that shows the flow of energy within a pond ecosystem. Select and position appropriate images, symbols, lines and text boxes to build an energy diagram. You can use the images from the tool or import your own images.

Interactive resource

Population modeller: pond

Use this tool to model what happens to the populations of a pond ecosystem over time when one component of the ecosystem is increased or decreased. Record both your ideas and the results you observe.


An Adelaide park in 1928

This is an excerpt from 'Adelaide', a 1928 silent documentary made by the Australian Development and Migration Commission. It shows a tranquil, shady park along the Torrens River in Adelaide. People, mainly women and children, are strolling and sitting in the park.