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Listed under:  Science  >  Forces and energy  >  Mechanical energy  >  Potential energy
Interactive resource

Energy and power

Learn how work and energy are related, and how the energy of systems can be used to solve problems about motion. Identify situations in which mechanical energy is conserved. Calculate the power of moving objects. This resource consists of a video in six sections with a supporting web page containing background material.

Moving Image

Food is stored energy

Elliot challenges Ruben Meerman, the Surfing Scientist, to do an experiment that involves explosions, pretty colours and lollies! Watch this clip to see what he comes up with. You might also learn something about chemical reactions and the stored energy in food.

Interactive resource


Learn how to calculate the orbits of planets and satellites. Follow Newton's reasoning in deriving his universal gravitation law. Use the conservation of mechanical energy to find the escape velocity for a rocket. Extend these ideas to find the sizes of black holes. This resource consists of a video in eight sections with ...

Interactive Resource

Coal-fired energy plant

Build a coal-fired energy plant by moving images into the correct position. This is an interactive diagram showing how a power station works. Students arrange components in the correct order, then select captions to match.