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National parks: Lord Howe

This is a colour clip showing the landforms, coral reef lagoons, birds and fish of Lord Howe Island. It begins by describing how the topography of the region was created by submarine volcanic activity and subsequent erosion. Sequences introduced by naturalist Ian Hutton reveal the behaviour of breeding sea birds, including ...


Animal Olympians: bolas spider

This is a clip showing a bolas spider luring, capturing and eating its moth prey. The narrator describes the bolas spider as a champion hammer thrower, and night footage includes close-up images of the spider, its bolas (or silken thread), egg sacs and spiderlings. The clip concludes with the emergence of young spiderlings ...


Relaxin birth hormone

This is a coloured pictograph that shows the levels of the hormone relaxin in the blood at various stages of a woman's pregnancy. The vertical (y) axis shows the level of relaxin in nanograms per millilitre (0-1.00), while the horizontal (x) axis shows the weeks of pregnancy (0-40). The stages are divided into six-week ...


'Immunisation. Goodbye to the plague', 1989 - asset 10

This is a clip from an educational film produced for the Department of Community Services and Health that was released in 1989 by the Australian Government to promote the benefits of immunisation. The 12-minute colour film is narrated by an actor in the role of an elderly man describing a range of diseases and infections ...


Midwives ... Lullabies ... and Mother Earth, 1993: Midwives turned into witches

This clip shows natural birth pioneer Dr Michel Odent explaining his view about the adverse changes that occurred in the birthing process during the 17th century when doctors became involved. Footage of Dr Odent is interspersed with a series of woodcuts showing women in various birthing positions. A female voice-over narrates ...

Interactive resource

Umbilical cord

This is a high-resolution image of a section of tissue from the University of New South Wales Virtual Slide Repository. These resources can be manipulated like prepared microscope slides. They can be viewed at selected magnifications of up to 40 times, and in some cases the apparent illumination of the specimen can be varied. ...

Interactive Resource


Students use this resource consisting of five slides with diagrams, written explanation and voice-over to understand the sequence of main events during pregnancy and the functions of the placenta and amniotic fluid. There is a two-question quiz and a summary slide.

Interactive Resource

In Vitro-fertilisation

Explore in vitro fertilization in this interactive. The IVF cycle is broken down into seven sequential steps and the related anatomy and specific procedures involved are shown for each step. The organs and functioning of the human female are given in detail through the process.

Interactive Resource


Students use this resource consisting of five slides with diagrams, written explanation and voice-over to identify what happens during the birth of a baby. There is a two-question quiz and a summary slide.


Eggs on ice

This 11 minute video segment from Catalyst addresses some economic, social and scientific issues around the development of reproductive technologies.