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Summary of James Holmes Fleming's wartime service in 'Mapping our Anzacs', 1915

The document seen here is an extract from the First World War service dossier of James Holmes Fleming, as it appears on the National Archives of Australia website, 'Mapping our Anzacs'. This highly important website contains 375,971 records of service in the Australian Army during the First World War. It is accessed via ...


The Business of Making Saints, 1994: Flying friar

This clip shows a series of paintings of Saint Joseph of Cupertino who was known as the Flying friar. A voice-over narration and an interview with Brother Joseph Wood (a Franciscan friar) tell the story of the Italian saint who was believed to levitate when he prayed. The clip shows the bedroom of St Joseph of Cupertino ...


Torres Strait Anglican priests, mid-1920s-1930s

This black-and-white photograph taken at Moa Island in Torres Strait shows Bishop Stephen Davies, the Anglican Bishop of Carpentaria, with Reverend Joseph Lui and Reverend Poey Passi. Bishop Stephen Davies is seated and wears full bishop's vestments. Reverend Joseph Lui and Reverend Poey Passi are each wearing priestly ...