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Teacher resource

Making the links: literacy across learning areas in secondary school settings

This teacher resource describes a collaborative learning strategy sponsored by the Catholic Education Office of Western Australia to improve the ways literacy across the curriculum is perceived and taught. The strategy was implemented in up to nine schools and involved six mentor teachers, 70 teachers and 600 students. ...

Interactive resource

Career quiz: more than just a job

Answer questions about jobs and career development. For example, identify an informal education activity. Score points for correct answers and collect bonus stars as you move around a board. Play on your own or compete against another player.

Interactive resource

Measuring time using a pendulum

Experiment with a simple pendulum to determine how length and bob mass affect its period of swing. First set the length of the pendulum and use a stopwatch to time 10 oscillations. Record your data and then repeat the process for different lengths. Then experiment with the mass of the pendulum's bob, timing 10 oscillations ...


Wolter and Echberg washing machine, late 1800s

This is a late-19th-century compressed-air washing machine, made by Victorian manufacturers Wolter and Echberg. The machine is made of galvanised steel and has a distinctive rocket-like appearance, with a central drum, in which the clothes are washed, consisting of two cone shapes on either end of a cylinder. On the drum ...


Two Tribes, 1998: Bankers and kids

This clip shows a group of people pairing selected school students with adults from the banking system who they think will be appropriate mentors. The students introduce themselves on camera, as do the bankers. The bankers talk about their work or, in the case of one man, his concerns about being a mentor, and the students ...

Teacher resource

Strong start, Great teachers

A resource to support teacher induction in schools. Part of the 'Great Teaching, Inspired Learning' reform.