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Teacher resource

Online curriculum

Here the e-Learning coordinator at Albert Park College explains how the school’s online curriculum is developed and supported to facilitate high quality teaching and learning. The teacher explains how their planned use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) allows her colleagues to deliver a guaranteed and agreed ...

Teacher resource

ICT for learning

Here the teacher describes how she improves teaching and learning practices across learning areas through the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Rather than work with all teachers individually the teacher develops the ICT skills of curriculum leaders so they are empowered to teach others in the school. ...

Teacher resource

Making the links: literacy across learning areas in secondary school settings

This teacher resource describes a collaborative learning strategy sponsored by the Catholic Education Office of Western Australia to improve the ways literacy across the curriculum is perceived and taught. The strategy was implemented in up to nine schools and involved six mentor teachers, 70 teachers and 600 students. ...

Interactive resource

Career quiz: more than just a job

Answer questions about jobs and career development. For example, identify an informal education activity. Score points for correct answers and collect bonus stars as you move around a board. Play on your own or compete against another player.

Interactive resource

Measuring time using a pendulum

Experiment with a simple pendulum to determine how length and bob mass affect its period of swing. First set the length of the pendulum and use a stopwatch to time 10 oscillations. Record your data and then repeat the process for different lengths. Then experiment with the mass of the pendulum's bob, timing 10 oscillations ...


Women's fire brigade at Wyee, 1969

This is a black-and-white photograph showing a fire pumper and the exterior of a building with 'WYEE BUSH FIRE BRIGADE' painted on it. There are six women sitting on or standing alongside the pumper. A toddler sitting in a stroller is visible at the side of the building. The women are all wearing helmets and casual summer ...


Warman slurry pump, 1930s

This is a black-and-white photograph of a slurry pump, a device designed by Australian draftsman Charles Warman to transport crushed ore mixed with liquid. The pump consists of a simple shaft with a drive-wheel at one end (right) and a pumping chamber at the other. The discharge nozzle is visible as a round hole on top ...


Petrol bowser, 1930s

This is a 'Plume' petrol bowser seen from its left-hand side. The bowser, which measures 2.9 m x 0.3 m x 0.3 m, is coloured red and white and has a globe on its top which features the words 'Plume MOTOR SPIRIT' and a logo of crossed red feathers. Beneath the globe is a glass fuel reservoir and fuel hose which is connected ...


Wolter and Echberg washing machine, late 1800s

This is a late-19th-century compressed-air washing machine, made by Victorian manufacturers Wolter and Echberg. The machine is made of galvanised steel and has a distinctive rocket-like appearance, with a central drum, in which the clothes are washed, consisting of two cone shapes on either end of a cylinder. On the drum ...


In Surge Chamber No 1, Mangahao Dam, 1923

This is a black-and-white photograph showing the bottom of the surge chamber, as viewed from the end of Tunnel No 2, and showing the head of the pipeline of the Mangahao Hydro-electric scheme in 1923. Mr and Mrs W H Walker of Levin, a town on the North Island of New Zealand, are standing in the chamber. The photograph was ...


Cover of Coolgardie Water Supply Scheme commemoration album, c1903

This is the cover of an album commemorating the Coolgardie Water Supply Scheme. The Scheme was opened in 1903 to pipe water to Western Australia's arid gold fields. The photograph on the album cover shows the engineering works in London that supplied some of the pumping equipment for the Scheme. The cover carries the text ...


Construction of a pumping station, 1901

This is a black-and-white photograph of a pumping station being built along the route of a pipeline to supply water to arid gold fields in Western Australia. Some men are laying the bricks that were to form the outer wall of the pumping station and, in the skeleton of a boiler room, two boilers that will generate the steam ...


Steam-driven pumping engine, 1905

This is a technical drawing of a Worthington Horizontal Duplex Triple Expansion High Duty Pumping Engine. The diagram shows how steam is taken into the actual engine (at left) and transferred through cylinders to move the fresh water through the pump (at right). Labels have been included to identify features, and the drawing ...


First day's pumping at No 1 Pumping Station, 1902

This is a black-and-white photograph that was taken on 31 March 1902 inside No 1 Pumping Station at Mundaring Weir, Western Australia, to mark the first day that water was pumped for the Coolgardie Water Supply Scheme. A large crowd of well-dressed visitors is there to witness the event. On that date only the first of the ...


Building No 1 Pumping Station, 1902

This is a black-and-white photograph showing No 1 Pumping Station, then nearing completion as part of the Coolgardie Water Supply Scheme, against the backdrop of the reservoir wall of the Mundaring Weir in Western Australia. On the bottom right of the photograph, three outlet pipes, each from one of the three pumping engines ...


Two Tribes, 1998: Bankers and kids

This clip shows a group of people pairing selected school students with adults from the banking system who they think will be appropriate mentors. The students introduce themselves on camera, as do the bankers. The bankers talk about their work or, in the case of one man, his concerns about being a mentor, and the students ...

Teacher resource

Leading mathematics in a rural location

There are a number of initiatives that have been implemented at Parkes High School to foster the engagement of students in mathematics and to improve their knowledge of the content. These include mentoring for mathematics teachers, encouraging the involvement of community experts in mathematics and using technology to allow ...

Teacher resource

Supporting Gifted Students

The teacher is mentoring a graduate teacher who is teaching a gifted class and  discusses the demands of teaching this type of class. She reflects on the graduate teacher’s performance during her practicum, and the ways in which she engaged her students and delivered the content. She provides constructive suggestions for ...

Teacher resource

Science and Agriculture in Special Education

This teacher has initiated a program that takes students with special needs out of the classroom and into a farm environment where their maths and science learning can be put into a real-world context. In addition to developing maths and science skills, the students’ interaction with the animals supports the development ...

Teacher resource

The challenge of the new

The teacher is a mathematics director in a newly built school in the ACT. He is responsible for supporting a number of colleagues who range from beginning teachers to those who are highly experienced. He explains that his role is to assist them to select and trial new approaches to teaching and learning. This involves subsequent ...