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Banner - Operative Painters' and Decorators' Union of Australasia, Victorian Branch, 1915

This is a large double-sided trade union banner made by W G Dunstan for the Operative Painters' and Decorators' Union of Australasia, Victorian Branch. It consists of a single piece of unprimed canvas, with images painted in oils on both sides. The banner has a red fringe on the bottom and hangs from a metal rod attached ...


Banner - Operative Painters and Decorators of Australasia, South Australian Branch

This is a painted canvas banner created for the Operative Painters and Decorators of Australasia, South Australian Branch. The banner depicts the female form of Justice, blindfolded and holding balance scales in her left hand while her right hand holds a sword pointing to the ground. Underneath her is written in black outline ...


Banner of the Australian Tramway Employees Association, Victorian Branch, 1916

This is a double-sided painted canvas banner, made by George Grant. On one side are representations of two uniformed members holding the Association’s emblem aloft, beneath which the Brunswick tram and Municipal tramway are depicted in four separate images. 'THE AUSTRALIAN TRAMWAYS EMPLOYEES ASSOCIATION / VICTORIAN BRANCH' ...


Banner of the Amalgamated Society of Engineers, Blacksmiths, Fitters, Patternmakers, Turners and Machinists, Ballarat Branch, 1890

This is a painted canvas banner made by Kift and Smith. The banner has a scene of mountains and a lake over a pale blue background. On the left is a steam engine and superimposed on the right, a large engine. In the centre, within a shield shape, is a scene of a lake and mountains and the Canadian, Australian and US flags. ...


Shirt worn by security officer during Lyndon B Johnson's visit to Australia, 1966

This video features curator Michael Reason exploring a shirt in Museum Victoria's collection that was worn by a US security officer who protected the US president Lyndon B Johnson (LBJ) during his visit to Melbourne in October 1966. The video contains many photographs taken from the time of the visit, and its duration is ...

Moving Image

Indigenous Australian activism, 1974

For generations, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have sought to regain custodianship of the land taken from them since the arrival of Europeans in Australia. In the early 1970s, protests and demonstrations signified the beginning of the Land Rights movement. In this clip, Indigenous Australian activist Sam ...

Moving Image

Melbourne moratorium against Vietnam War

It's 1970 and the streets of Melbourne are clogged with protesters who want to end Australia's support for the Vietnam war. But they are not the only ones who have turned out. There are those who support the war, curious onlookers, and members of the press. The different views of those in attendance hint at the unrest caused, ...

Moving Image

Anti-conscription protest

Stand in the middle of a crowd of young people as they demonstrate peacefully against conscription for the Vietnam War probably some time in the very early 1960s. One young man directs the crowd's issues to Robert Kennedy, the US senator who was later assassinated in the USA.

Interactive resource

Making a difference: Windradyne

Explore perspectives on Australia’s Indigenous heritage through photos and text about Windradyne, a Wiradjuri warrior and leader. Trace his story, including battles where he led his people against European settlers claiming land around the Bathurst region. Look at Windradyne's efforts to make peace between his people and ...

Interactive resource

Discovering democracy: people power

Interact with a slideshow of images and text to explore the struggles for equal rights in Australia. Look in particular at the Eureka Stockade, 1891 Shearers' strike and the Freedom Ride. Complete a related task.

Interactive resource

Discovering democracy: getting things done

Interact with a slideshow of images and text to explore how change can be bought about by people taking action and putting pressure on their elected representatives. The issue of the Franklin Dam in Tasmania is used as a case study. Complete a related task.

Teacher resource

The Eureka Rebellion - Teacher idea

In this Teacher idea, taught as part of a wider inquiry into revolutions, students explored the Eureka rebellion in detail and considered to what extent the events at Eureka in 1854 can be seen as ‘revolutionary’. It includes a unit of work developed and trialled by a teacher.


Australian Movie Magazine, 1971: The year in review

This black-and-white clip from a narrated cinema newsreel shows the events selected by 'Australian Movie Magazine' as highlights of the year 1971 in Australia. Anti-apartheid protests at sporting events begin the footage. John Gorton, former prime minister, inspects troops in Vietnam and his replacement, William McMahon, ...


Dismissal of prime minister Whitlam, 1975

This is a collection of 12 digital curriculum resources focusing on one of the most controversial events in Australia's constitutional history - the dismissal of prime minister Gough Whitlam by the governor-general Sir John Kerr on 11 November 1975. The collection includes important historical documents, news footage, re-enactments, ...


Charles Perkins and the Freedom Ride

This collection of eight resources focuses on Indigenous activist Charles Perkins during the years he spent at Sydney University (1963-65), and on the Freedom Ride protest of February 1965. The Freedom Ride travelled through rural New South Wales, meeting Indigenous people and identifying and protesting against examples ...


Jabiluka, 1997: Safe uranium mining

This clip shows the site of the proposed Jabiluka uranium mine in the Northern Territory and the debate surrounding it. The clip opens with aerial views of the proposed location with a voice-over commentary explaining the sacred significance of the mine site to the Indigenous Mirrar people and the danger it poses to Kakadu's ...


Adela Pankhurst's arrest, 1917

This is an extract from a typed letter sent by the crown solicitor to the secretary of the Attorney-General's Department relating to the conviction of Adela Pankhurst in Melbourne in 1917. It outlines the details of the prosecution, including the names of the witnesses who appeared. The date of the letter has been corrected ...


William Cooper, Indigenous Australian activist

This collection of seven digital curriculum resources includes archival photographs, a newsreel clip and a learning object on William Cooper, a significant Yorta Yorta leader and activist of the 1930s, as well as an interview with his grandson. The collection is organised into three categories - William Cooper and his family; ...


Day of Mourning protest

On the 150th anniversary of the British landing at Sydney Cove, a group of Indigenous activists conducted a silent protest action and held a ground-breaking conference to campaign for equal rights. This collection of seven digital curriculum resources includes archival photographs, a home movie clip and a learning object ...


Blood Brothers - Freedom Ride, 1993: Children join the bus

This clip shows a colour re-enactment of part of the 1965 protest against racism known as the Freedom Ride, which took place in rural towns in New South Wales. The clip opens with black-and-white archival footage and then switches to a colour re-enactment of the bus stopping to pick up excited children. The footage is accompanied ...