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Yolngu sea country: miny'tji (clan designs)

This is an information resource about the distinctive designs or miny'tji belonging to individual Yolngu clans living in the coastal region of north-east Arnhem Land. It consists of explanatory text and examples of miny'tji belonging to the Gumatj and Madarrpa clans of the Yirritja moiety (half) and to the Marakulu and ...


Yolngu sea country: sea rights

This is a resource about how the Yolngu people of Arnhem Land achieved exclusive legal rights to their sea country in Blue Mud Bay in 2008. It consists of text that explains the strategic importance of the Saltwater paintings and gives: a broad chronology of events; an image of Dhanwangu clansman Garwirrin Gamana showing ...


Yolngu sea country: a map of the sea

This is a bark painting titled 'Djarrwak ga Dhalwangu' by Dhalwangu clan Elder Garwirrin Gamana showing the sacred nature of sea country around the mouth of the Baraltja River in north-east Arnhem Land. The painting, which can be enlarged and zoomed, incorporates representations of the lightning snake Mundukul and the creation ...


Yolngu sea country: 'From Biranybirany'

This is a painting showing the 'view' of Yolngu artist Miniyawani Yunupingu looking out to sea from Biranybirany at Caledon Bay in north-east Arnhem Land. His view incorporates representations of stingrays, saltwater crocodiles, mantra rays, turtles and dugongs, and the distinctive ancestral designs (miny'tji) of his Gumatj ...


Yolngu sea country: turtle waters

This is a painting titled 'Rirratjingu at Dhambaliya' by Yolngu artist Dhuwarrwarr Marika showing the rocks, reefs, currents and animals of the sea between Dhambaliya (Bremer Island) and the mainland of north-east Arnhem Land. The painting, which can be enlarged and zoomed, incorporates the distinctive designs ('miny'tji') ...


Yolnu sea country: the dugong hunters

This is a painting titled 'Gurtha [fire] at Dhakalmayi' by Yolngu artist Djambawa Marawili, depicting a Dreaming account of the ancestral beings Burrak and Munuminya hunting DjunuƋgayangu (dugong). Read from right to left, the painting shows the men making rope and pursuing the dugong but DjunuƋgayangu shelters at the rock ...

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This is a unit of inquiry made up of 12 learning sequences for year F in the English for the Australian Curriculum resource. Each learning sequence contains a series of resources, suggested activities to carry out with students and a post-activity reflection. This unit examines patterns in literature and language, with ...