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Apple II software game - 'The Bard's Tale III: Thief of Fate',1988

This is the cover of an Apple II software game called 'The Bard's Tale III: Thief of Fate'. It shows an illustration by Randy Berrett of a demonic figure rising above flames and reaching clawed hands towards four heroic figures of the fantasy genre: a wizard with a staff, an archer, a warrior with a sword and shield, and ...

Moving Image

Observing a platypus

Meet one of the world's most amazing creatures. Listen as Don Spencer describes the features of a platypus. Watch a platypus clean itself and then swim under water to search for food. See what type of animal the platypus catches and feeds on by the water's edge.

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Observing an emu

Join Don Spencer as he describes the emu, one of the biggest birds in the world. Watch emus searching for food and taking care of their eggs. Discover what makes the emu different from most other birds.

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Observing a swan

Join Don Spencer as he observes (looks carefully at) a black swan. Discover a surprise under this bird's black outer feathers. Watch how differently the swan moves on land and in water.

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Observing a kangaroo

Take a look at Australia's most famous animal, the kangaroo. Don Spencer feeds a female kangaroo that has a young joey in her pouch. Observe (look carefully at) how kangaroos stay alert in case of danger.

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Observing an echidna

Join Don Spencer as he looks closely at an echidna. Observe the body parts and covering of this unique Australian mammal. Find out what the echidna eats. Watch it move around in its natural habitat.

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Guide dog puppy in training

Meet Ella and the puppy she is helping to train as a guide dog. Find out what it takes to teach Dusty what he needs to know for a very important job.

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This cocky rocks

Meet Max and Cocky, his pet sulphur-crested cockatoo. Discover how Max handles his cheeky pet. Find out what body part he uses that has earned him the title 'the destroyer'.


Wombat stew. Integrated program

Inspired by the picture book Wombat Stew, lessons involve children in going on a Wombat walk to collect rubbish, investigating animal habitats, creating an Australian animals alphabet frieze, creating animal number stories, exploring vocabulary, making Wombat soup, discussing safe and unsafe situations, developing a news ...


Wombat stew: places animals live. Science

Inspired by the picture book Wombat Stew, lessons involve children in creating an Australian animal alphabet frieze, finding information about the habitats of Australian animals from digital and print sources and organising it into booklets and presenting information in the form of 'Who am I?' puzzles.

Teacher resource

Primary Connections: Smooth moves

This is an extensive teaching unit focused on learning, through a collaborative, inquiry-based approach, how contact and non-contact forces can affect the motion of an object. It includes comprehensive lesson plans, as well as student handouts and other teaching resources, for seven structured lessons that form an integrated ...

Teacher resource

The impact of innovative whole-class language strategies on language development

This teacher resource describes the successful language strategy developed by Mahogany Rise Primary School in Victoria. The strategy was introduced in the first year of schooling in response to more than 90 per cent of the children having language delays or impairments. The resource is organised in nine sections: Summary, ...

Interactive resource

Photo album: school life 2 [Indonesian]

Look through a photo album showing everyday life of Indonesian schoolchildren. See photos of children doing activities such as travelling to school, wearing uniforms and learning traditional dance. Match each photo to a brief description of the activity. Answer a question about each activity. Answer a quiz that includes ...

Teacher resource

Using 'Billycarts' - Teacher idea

This Teacher idea outlines the way a teacher used digital curriculum resources about billycarts to engage her students in the study of the history and science of billycart making.


Packing jelly beans - mathematics activities

The photograph shows a box containing jelly beans in an array. Looking closely, we see each compartment in this box contains six jelly beans of the same colour. They are arranged in two layers of three beans. There is a different flavour in each compartment. Teachers are encouraged to scan all the ideas suggested here as ...


Plate division - mathematics activities

This photograph of a serving plate from Brittany in France suggests explorations of fractional relationships relative to a circle. Teachers are encouraged to scan all the ideas suggested here as relevant to the various year level groupings, as there is clearly an increasing mathematical complexity in the activities.


'Safety pays' - asset 1

This is an unposed photograph of a group of young people on a sandy beach, eating and drinking. It was taken from a story called 'Safety pays' in the newsreel 'Australasian Gazette' filmed in 1927.


'Safety pays' - asset 2

This is an unposed image of a group of six children on the beach, watching an adult perform artificial respiration. It is obviously a still, as the edges of the movie film are showing. It was taken from a story called 'Safety pays' in the newsreel 'Australasian Gazette', which was filmed in 1927.


Founders' Day at a Barnardo's home

This is an excerpt from a 1920 silent film entitled 'Founders' Day at Barnardo's homes'. It begins with the title and the intertitle, 'The Archbishop of Armagh and Sir George Reid attend the annual celebrations at the Girl’s [sic] Village Home, Barkingside.'. It shows people arriving by horse and carriage and children being ...


Future Australians at Melbourne Zoo - asset 1

This is an excerpt from a silent documentary film made in 1923 that was probably entitled 'Future Australians'. It shows boys who had travelled from England to Australia as immigrants, spending a day at the zoo. They are shown watching the hippos and monkeys and riding on an elephant and a miniature train. The excerpt is ...