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Emu egg teapot, c1870

This is an emu egg teapot made by Evan Jones (1846-1917) in Sydney, New South Wales. The body of the teapot is made from a speckled brown emu egg. One end is sectioned and hinged as a lid with a scalloped and pierced silver band around the edge. On the top of the lid is a small silver emu. The spout is in the form of a ...


Silver snuff box, 1835

This is a large silver snuff box attributed to Joseph Forrester (1805-?) of Hobart, Tasmania. The hinged cover is embossed with a scene of Sydney Harbour, showing stacked bales of wool, two barrels and a three-masted ship at a wharf on the left and a paddle steamer on the water in the centre. In the foreground are grasses, ...


Carved emu egg, c1900

This is an emu egg carved in cameo technique and mounted on a silver tripod stand, made by Jonaski Takuma, Sydney, New South Wales. The carved bush scene depicts two bushmen seated beside a campfire, watching a billy boil. The carved egg measures 12.0 cm high x 16.2 cm wide x 11.4 cm deep.


Silver emu inkstand, c1875

This is a large presentation inkstand made by Evan Jones (1846-1917) of Sydney in about 1875. It is a finely detailed silver emu mounted on a hexagonal polished wooden base. The emu forms a hinged lid that opens to reveal a silver-gilt emu egg liner decorated with floral motifs. This opens further to reveal two small Bristol ...

Tablet friendly (Interactive resource)

Fish market

Buy and sell fish in trading markets in a range of Australian and New Zealand cities. Compare market prices, supply and demand. Get to know other traders to find the best deals and discover new markets. Find a rare fish. Maximise your profit and reputation as a smart trader. This learning object is the last in a series ...

Interactive resource

Fish shop: quality or quantity

Serve two customers in a pet fish shop. Notice that one customer prefers a small number of high quality items, and the other customer wants to breed a large number of fish. Look closely at items to check their costs and suitability for each order. Select items to suit the customer's budget and needs, while also making a ...

Teacher resource

Using 'Billycarts' - Teacher idea

This Teacher idea outlines the way a teacher used digital curriculum resources about billycarts to engage her students in the study of the history and science of billycart making.


Horse transport in Australia

This collection of 21 digital curriculum resources focuses on how horses were used to transport people in 19th- and 20th-century Australia. It is organised into six categories - riding horses; horsedrawn carriages; coaches; carts and wagons; horsedrawn trams; and horsedrawn transport in action. The collection contains paintings, ...


Horse power in rural Australia

This collection of 23 digital curriculum resources focuses on the work of stock and draught horses in rural Australia in the 19th and 20th centuries. It is organised into five categories - stock horses; ploughing; harvesting; carting; and propelling. The painting, historical photographs, and archival and feature film footage ...


Camel and donkey transport in outback Australia

This collection of 16 digital curriculum resources focuses on the role of camels and donkeys in transporting goods and people throughout outback Australia in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, until about 1940. The collection is organised into three categories - camel transport; donkey transport; and camel and donkey ...


Horse power in urban Australia

This collection of 12 digital curriculum resources focuses on how horses were used in Australian cities and towns in the 19th and 20th centuries. It is organised into three categories - horses working in city streets; hauling and carting; and levelling and landscaping. The sketch, historical photographs and archival film ...


Transportation by bullock team

This collection of digital curriculum resources focuses on the use of bullocks for transporting heavy loads in 19th- and 20th-century Australia. It is organised into six categories: in action on film; hauling timber; 'bringing down' the wool; on the farm and on the road; idealised in art; and an early mechanised alternative. ...


Loading asparagus at Saltwater Creek

This is an 82 mm x 58 mm black-and-white photograph taken with a Kodak Brownie camera belonging to 18-year-old Betty Campbell (now Horne, on right). It shows two women in the Australian Women's Land Army standing near a loaded asparagus bin on a trolley with the horse which pulled the trolley untethered nearby. Another ...


Landing on an outback airstrip

This is an excerpt from a silent documentary film made in 1929 beginning with an intertitle, 'The ''WOOLLY WEST'''. A second intertitle, 'Photography's envoy into the realm of wool makes use of Queensland's taxi service ... ''Bullocky Bill'' and his charges clear the station 'drome.' introduces footage showing a bullock ...


Station transport and supplies

This is an excerpt from a silent documentary film made in 1929, probably entitled 'The woolly west'. An intertitle, 'A horse and saddle are the chief tools of the station trade.', introduces footage of a large herd of horses being led by a man on horseback and three men riding horses out of a pen. A second intertitle, 'This ...


Bucking horses

This is an excerpt from a silent documentary film made in 1929, probably entitled 'The woolly west'. It begins with the intertitle, 'A sensational part of the day's work.' and shows stockmen riding bucking horses, attempting to break them to the saddle.


'Guardians' of a flock of sheep

This is an excerpt from a silent documentary film made in 1929, probably entitled 'The woolly west'. It is introduced by the intertitle, 'Guardians of the woolly flocks.' and shows a large flock of sheep with men on horseback and dogs.


Billycarts near Rockhampton

This is a segment from the silent newsreel, 'Australian Gazette' number 304, made in 1916, which is introduced by an elaborate hand-drawn intertitle: 'Rockhampton AN AFTERNOON'S DRIVE. Kiddies of Queensland enjoy Outings in their Billy Carts. AUSTRALIAN GAZETTE'. Four children approach the camera riding on goats, followed ...


J B Young's Kingston store, Canberra, 1925

This is a black-and-white photograph, taken by William James Mildenhall, of the grocery department in the first J B Young's store, which opened in the Canberra suburb of Kingston in 1925. It shows a male sales attendant standing behind the counter. Boxes are stacked under the counter, in front of which are two wooden chairs ...


Shackleton expedition at Lyttelton Harbour, 1914

This is a black-and-white photograph showing the sailing ship 'Endurance' being loaded with ponies and sled dogs at Lyttelton (east coast of the South Island of New Zealand) for Ernest Shackleton's expedition to Antarctica. A crowd of people is aboard the ship, watching proceedings, and there are groups of people in the ...