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Steam transportation in Australia

Steam generated the principal form of mechanical power for Australia's transport systems from the second half of the 19th century until the widespread adoption of the internal combustion engine in the 20th century. This collection of digital curriculum resources is organised into six categories - steam trains; river steamers; ...


Migrants arriving by ship, 1975

This is a colour photograph of migrants arriving at Fremantle Harbour on the ship 'Australis' in 1975. Crowds of people line the ship's three decks as it pulls into the wharf. A small crowd awaits their arrival. The 'Australis' features two blue-and-black funnels, each with a large 'X' on it.


The 'Oronsay' sails for Europe in 1924

This is an excerpt from an item in a silent British newsreel, 'Topical Budget', made in 1924. It shows footage of the departure of the RMS 'Oronsay' from Melbourne as part of its maiden voyage. An intertitle, not included in this footage, reads: 'Huge 20,000 ton boat sails for Europe. Ocean going ship "Oronsay" leaves Melbourne ...


Onboard the 'Oronsay' in 1924

This is an excerpt from an item in a silent British newsreel, 'Topical Budget', made in 1924. It shows a scene on what appears to be the main deck of the ocean liner RMS 'Oronsay' as it leaves Melbourne. The camera pans right to survey the large number of people standing and waiting on the deck, apparently posing for the ...


Beryl Mills, Miss Australia, 1926

This is an excerpt from a 1926 segment of the 'Australasian Gazette', a black-and-white silent newsreel. It shows a huge crowd gathered at a Sydney wharf to farewell Beryl Mills, 1926 winner of the Miss Australia Quest, as she leaves Australia for the USA. Mills is seen holding bouquets of flowers and getting out of a new ...


Arrival of British immigrants, Sydney, 1948

This is a 10.8 cm x 8.3 cm black-and-white photograph of immigrants arriving in Australia from the UK in May 1948, probably on board the 'Empire Brent'. Men and women line the wharf watching as the ship berths. The indistinct faces of adults and children can be seen on the ship's covered passageway.


Dutch migrant ship, the SS 'Sibajak', c1953

This is a black-and-white photograph of the SS 'Sibajak', which transported migrants from the Netherlands to Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Canada between 1950 and 1959. Below the photograph are the ship’s name and that of its company, 'Koninkuke Rotterdamsche Lloyd' (Royal Rotterdam Lloyd).


Launch of the Melbourne Steamship Company's 'Duntroon', 1935

This is a silent clip taken from a black-and-white publicity film that showed the launch of the MV 'Duntroon'. This clip focuses on the hull and enormous twin propellers of the steamer as it slips dramatically into the water on 4 April 1935.


'Making a Start in Australia', 1973 - part 1 of 3

This is a colour photograph of the Greek passenger liner 'Patris' arriving at dawn in Sydney's Darling Harbour in 1973. The 'Patris' was fitted to bring migrants to Australia, many of whom line the deck. There are people waiting at the dock.


'Making a Start in Australia', 1973 - part 2 of 3

This is a colour photograph of the Greek passenger and immigrant ship 'Patris' docking in Sydney's Darling Harbour in 1973. This photograph was taken shortly after dawn, the traditional time of arrival in port of large ships.


Mr Henshall - Australian Cricketers Visit Ceylon, Naples, Switzerland and Practice at Lords, 1930: Ceylon and Naples

This silent black-and-white clip shows the Australian Test cricket team en route by sea to England in 1930. The footage opens with a shot of the team walking onto the field in a match at Colombo, Sri Lanka. The next port-of-call shown is Port Said in Egypt, where team members are seen sightseeing. The final scenes are of ...


Australia Post - Animation, c1988: FaxPost

This clip shows a television advertisement for Australia Post filmed in the streets of Sydney from the point of view of a motorcycle driver travelling at high speed. The soundtrack contains only the sound of the bike. The advertisement's message is given in white subtitles, telling viewers not to drive dangerously as communications ...


Steamship SS Peregrine, c1910

This is a black-and-white advertisement for a steamship, the SS Peregrine, from about 1910. It features a photograph of the ship, steam flowing from its single funnel, as it sails in an unidentified location. A sailing boat also in the photograph looks tiny in comparison. The advertisement offers 'regular sailings' and ...


The Neptuna on fire, 1942

This black-and-white photograph shows the scene in Darwin Harbour on 19 February 1942 shortly after the Neptuna blew up at approximately 11.15 am following a Japanese bombing attack. The corvettes HMAS Deloraine and HMAS Katoomba are silhouetted against the skyline. In the foreground a small boat is rescuing people from ...


The bombing of Neptuna and Barossa, 1942

This black-and-white photograph shows clouds of smoke billowing from the damaged merchant vessels MV Neptuna, berthed on the left, and MV Barossa on the right. The photograph was taken on 19 February 1942 from a vantage point above Stokes Hill Wharf following the attack on Darwin Harbour by Japanese fighters and bombers ...