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Brochure - 'Save water around your home and garden', Yarra Valley Water, 2001

This is a folded brochure published by Yarra Valley Water in 2001 and distributed to householders with their water bill. Its front page bears the title 'Save water around your home and garden', accompanied by a red, catalogue-style 'NEW! Water Efficiency Appraisal' banner. This item is part of the Water Smart Home Collection ...


Water tank, LUMI brand, c2005

This is a blue 'LUMI' brand water tank, manufactured by Full Tank. Its capacity is 300 litres and its components include casing, lights and taps. It is part of the Water Smart Home Collection at Museum Victoria, and is 6740 mm wide, 11630 mm high and 610 mm in diameter.


Diagram of the Snowy Mountains Scheme

This is a schematic cross-section diagram, drawn in 1953, of the Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Scheme. It shows the two main sections of the Scheme: the Tumut and the Snowy-Murray Developments. The diagram outlines the two transmountain tunnel systems that divert water from the Snowy River and its tributary, the Eucumbene ...


Gove alumina refinery, 1971

This is a colour photograph, taken from the air, of the Gove alumina refinery in the Northern Territory in 1971. It shows part of the refinery, with a mixture of tanks and steel structures, and with the ocean in the background.


'Save water and be rewarded' brochure, Department of Sustainability and Environment, 2002

This is a brochure published by the Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment in 2002. Its cover features a large statement, 'Save water and be rewarded' and a close-up photograph of clear, splashing water taken at eye-level. The brochure gives details of government rebates on approved water conservation products ...

Teacher resource

Delivering water

This is a mathematics unit of work about water: its world-wide availability and use; the time spent carrying it; the best shape for water tanks; and the area of land taken up around tanks and in paths and ditches to water sources. Intended for years 9 and 10 and written from a global education perspective, the resource ...