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Listed under:  Science  >  Life  >  Living things  >  Eukaryotes  >  Animals  >  Chordates  >  Vertebrates  >  Mammals  >  Marsupials  >  Dasyuromorphia  >  Tasmanian tigers
Moving Image

Tassie tiger: does it still exist?

The Tasmanian wilderness is a rugged and remote environment where many extraordinary and prehistoric species are found. Watch this clip to see the spectacular landscapes, ancient trees and wildlife, including the Tasmanian Devil. You will also see incredible footage of the last known Tasmanian Tiger. Could it still survive ...

Interactive resource

Life science: evolution: mutation and selection

Explore the effects of random mutation and natural selection on the evolution of camouflage in a fictitious population of insects. Adjust the colour of the environment and observe the process of natural selection over many generations. Notice the change in average fitness of the bug population and examine the genetic makeup ...


Thylacine pelt, 1930

This is the skin of a thylacine, or Tasmanian tiger ('Thylacinus cynocephalus', meaning dog-headed pouched-dog). It has beige-brown fur and the tail is missing. There is darker fur on the back with 14 distinct even darker stripes. The ears are orange-brown and do not have any fur. It is not known if this is the skin of ...


Australian animals

This collection of 25 digital curriculum resources is organised into four categories - communities of Australian animals, animals in art and stories, vertebrates and invertebrates. Images, including photographs, scientific illustrations and Indigenous art, depict some well-known and some lesser known Australian animals. ...


Extinct Australian animals over time

This collection of 21 digital curriculum resources is organised into five categories - fossils and geological time, early mammals and megafauna, recent extinctions, dinosaurs and invertebrates. The diverse groups of extinct Australian animals in the collection are represented in images of fossils, scientific reconstructions ...


Gene technology

This collection of 24 digital curriculum resources is organised into five categories - how genes work, techniques of gene technology, applications and examples, GM food and genetic engineering in fiction. Interactive learning objects explore the nature of genes and how they are manipulated. There are images of cells under ...


Male and female thylacines, 1841

This is a 36 cm x 55 cm hand-coloured lithograph of a pair of thylacines (‘Thylacinus cynocephalus’), commonly called Tasmanian tigers, against a background of small bushes and an open plain.


Thylacine pup

This is a colour photograph of a preserved underdeveloped thylacine pup ('Thylacinus cynocephalus'). It is a museum specimen preserved in a glass container. Museum cataloguing labels are visible.


Pioneers of Love, 2005: Across the colour bar

This clip shows Flora Hoolihan and her son Richard speaking about the effects of the Queensland Aboriginal Protection and Restriction of the Sale of Opium Act 1897 on Flora's parents, Russian immigrant Leandro Illin and Indigenous woman Kitty Clarke. Re-enacted scenes, archival footage and photographs illustrate the ways ...