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J G Fleming penny token, 1874

This is a round bronze penny token issued in 1874. It features the name and business of the issuer, 'J.G. FLEMING, GROCER AND TEA DEALER', and has a decorative foliate design in the centre. The reverse side features a sugar loaf stamped with the letter F, and the text 'SUGAR LOAF / HOBART TOWN 1874'. The token is 31 mm ...


Tea Stores halfpenny token, 1852

This is a round halfpenny copper token dating from 1852. On the left side, in the background, is a depiction of a building that appears to be a shop, with the text 'TEA STORES / STEAM COFFEE MILLS' imprinted on it. In the foreground, in front of this building, is a depiction of a large brick building with the number 424 ...

Moving Image

Eucalypts in Africa: timber and tea

Australian eucalypts (gum trees) are a useful plantation timber. In this clip you will see how people and places can be interconnected. Find out how Finlays' tea estate in Kenya uses wood from Australian eucalypts to power its production.


Feeding the unemployed during the Depression

This is a silent black-and-white film clip of unemployed men receiving cups of tea and food parcels from volunteer women charity workers in Melbourne during the Great Depression. A close-up of tea being poured is followed by a pan across men seated in rows and drinking the tea.


Bushells Tea Advertisement - The World of the Future, c1941: 'The city of tomorrow'

This clip shows an animated cinema advertisement for Bushells tea, beginning with a map of the world and a voice-over that invites the viewer into 'the world of the future', said to be full of 'happy and modern people'. The clip depicts futuristic cars and international travel by fast aeroplanes and ocean liners. A flight ...


Bushells Tea - The Charmed Cup, 1929: The honeymooners return

This silent black-and-white clip shows the second of a three-part serial cinema advertisement for Bushells tea in which a honeymooning couple is returning to Sydney Harbour aboard a cruise ship. Intertitles assist in telling the story. The smartly dressed couple stand on the deck, both in overcoats and wearing hats as if ...

Teacher resource

China and globalisation

This is a website that focuses on the teaching of elementary Chinese language through six units that are populated with teaching and assessment ideas, historical and contemporary information, still images, video content, downloadable worksheets, hyperlinks to further resources and Chinese language flash cards. The six units ...

Teacher resource

What's cooking

This is a resource for teachers about students conducting an investigation to compare two cups of tea, one made from solar-heated water and the other made from boiling water. The resource provides a summary of the student investigation and a link to a lesson plan. The lesson plan includes: student learning objectives; materials ...