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Teacher resource

Upskilling Kimberley Aboriginal Teaching Assistants

This teacher resource describes how the Catholic Education Office of Western Australia worked to support its Aboriginal Teaching Assistants (ATAs) to undertake approved study programs to improve their knowledge, skills and competencies so that they could meet the needs of Aboriginal students and their families in the school ...


Embedding Indigenous perspectives across the curriculum

This website presents a range of professional learning and digital resources to support teachers in incorporating Indigenous perspectives across the curriculum. It provides resources that enable Australian teachers and students to value, understand and explore Indigenous cultures, languages, histories and stories.

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Strike for better pay and conditions

How can not going to work help to improve pay? Find out the reasons why school teachers went on strike in June 2008. See how strike action can be used by workers to improve their working conditions and pay.

Teacher resource

Respecting local culture, history and language

The teaching principal explains how he recognises and values the cultural traditions of the students and families in this remote community. He describes how he builds collaborative relationships with families and Aboriginal Education Workers (AEWs), so that local culture, history, language and knowledge of country can be ...

Teacher resource

Experiencing success

A pre-service teacher at an Alice Springs primary school explores some of the challenges for teachers in supporting Aboriginal students who may previously not have experienced success in their learning, or, may not yet be aware of what successful learning is like. In exploring some of the issues for schools and teachers, ...

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A teacher who always has a smile on his face

What makes a great teacher? Gunnar Furhmann is the teaching principal of Huntingdon Public School in NSW. Get to know Mr Furhmann and his students and find out what makes him special.

Interactive resource

Global workplace: teacher

Find out whether you are suited to working in another country as a teacher. Identify your job and lifestyle preferences. Compare your preferences with working conditions and cultural environments in other countries. For example, working hours for teachers are longer in some countries than others. Explore which factors affect ...


School breaking up for the holidays

This is an excerpt from an Australian silent documentary made in 1927 entitled 'Warrnambool: the ideal city'. It shows a primary school in Warrnambool, Victoria, in the late 1920s. The schoolchildren are gathering for an assembly outdoors, where the principal leads them in giving three cheers to celebrate the holidays, ...


Girls playing hopscotch at school in 1925

This is a black-and-white photograph of three girls playing a game of hopscotch at Telopea Park School in Canberra in 1925. In the background are three teachers and a large number of children sitting on bench seats around tables, and school buildings.


Teaching at a School of the Air, 1954

This is a black-and-white photograph of a teacher reading into a microphone at a School of the Air studio. It features the two-way radio equipment used to teach lessons in 1954.


Migrant students learning English, 1970 - asset 1

This black-and-white photograph shows a young female teacher and two students standing at a classroom blackboard. Written in chalk on the blackboard are the sentences 'She isn't thin' and 'He isn't young', and the words 'is fat', 'old', 'shoes are old', 'were happy' and 'new book' from other sentences that are only partially ...


Migrant students learning English, 1970 - asset 2

This black-and-white photograph shows two female and two male students sitting at their classroom desks, and a male teacher standing beside one of the desks looking at a student's work. On the reverse the photograph is titled 'Migrant children learn to speak English at Fitzroy High school, Melbourne 1970'.

Teacher resource

Fieldwork techniques

Here a specialist fieldwork teacher in an environmental education centre demonstrates to his peers how the cross curriculum Sustainability priority can be applied to the Mathematics Year 8 curriculum. The activity takes place in a national park in Sydney and involves a visiting school whose teachers required support for ...