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Colosseum and the Arch of Constantine in the Imperial age

This is a colour clip showing the Colosseum and the Arch of Constantine in Rome. It begins with a fly-through animation of the Colosseum as it would have appeared in about 82 CE soon after it was finished. The animation is combined with sequences of the Colosseum today and images that recreate the amphitheatre's gladiatorial ...


Anthony Hordern's advertising campaign, 1920 - asset 1

This is an excerpt from a black-and-white silent film advertisement for the huge Sydney department store and household goods manufacturer, Anthony Hordern and Sons. The clip shows children watching a stage performance in which, against a backdrop of painted eucalypts, a man in a dinner suit is probably presenting a song ...

Teacher resource

DNA and blood grouping - Teacher idea

This Teacher idea combines TLF learning objects with practical activities to explore the properties of DNA, to demonstrate how and why DNA samples are collected and to help students understand the practical application of genetics knowledge in our community. It includes a unit of work developed and trialled by a teacher.


Immune system

This collection contains digital curriculum resources. It is organised into three categories - structure and function of the immune system; disorders of the immune system; and vaccination and the immune system. It includes learning objects, videos, images and sound recordings. The roles played by blood and stem cells are ...


Theatre of Pompey, 52 BCE

This is a fly-through animation of the Theatre of Pompey in ancient Rome as it would have appeared in 52 BCE. It shows the theatre's location, its semicircular structure, tiers of seating, stage, the temple of Venus opposite the stage, and the surrounding complex of public amenities, gardens and displays of sculpture. Sequences ...


Pharos of Alexandria, 247 BCE

This is a fly-through animation of the lighthouse or Pharos of Alexandria in Egypt as it would have appeared when completed by the Macedonian king of Egypt, Ptolemy II Philadelphus. The animation shows the location of the lighthouse on an island off the coast of Alexandria, its three-tiered structure and its perpetual fire ...


Deir el-Medina, 2nd century BCE

This is a fly-through animation of the settlement, temple and tombs of Deir el-Medina in Egypt as they would have appeared in the New Kingdom and the Ptolemaic periods. Accompanied by a detailed commentary and interspersed with footage of the area today and cut-away diagrams, the animation shows the position of Western ...


Theatre Royal, Albury, NSW, c1900

This is a still image of the exterior of the Blacklocks Theatre Royal, Albury, possibly taken at the beginning of the 20th century. It shows an eclectic collection of architectural styles from classical Victorian to Art Nouveau. The brickwork, the piers and the sliding sash windows belong to the Victorian era while the ...


Flinders Street, Melbourne, c1929

This is an excerpt from an item in the black-and-white silent newsreel 'Australasian Gazette', dating from about 1929. It shows a large crowd of people thronging Flinders Street, Melbourne, gathering in front of the State Theatre and attending a temporary 'fire sale' outlet for Payne's Bon Marché department store. There ...


Lowering the Tone: 45 Years of Robyn Archer, 1993: 'A star is torn'

This clip shows Robyn Archer walking through the Theatre Royal Stratford East in London, describing her great-grandmother and the man she knew as her great-grandfather, who were vaudeville performers, and the sense of continuity she feels with their choice of career. The footage is intercut with shots of Archer's performance ...