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Theatre through a lens

Imagine a theatre performance where it's possible to step into character roles and experience your own version of it! 'Situation Rooms', created by a group of author directors called Rimini Protokoll, allows an audience to do just that. Using iPad minis and headphones, the audience moves through a set, following stories ...

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Directing a play from start to finish

'What's actually happening in the room?' For theatre director Daniel Schlusser the process of directing revolves around this central question. Here, Schlusser discusses his directorial process and thinking, from planning through to post-production, in relation to the play 'The Histrionic' for the Malthouse Theatre.


It's Ruth, 1992: King Oedipus

This clip cuts between black-and-white footage, taken in 1970, of actor Ruth Cracknell rehearsing a production of the Greek tragedy 'King Oedipus' and a 1992 interview with Cracknell in which she talks about the play and working with acclaimed theatre director Sir Tyrone Guthrie. Cracknell comments that, by taking the role ...