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Listed under:  Health  >  Diseases  >  Cardiovascular disease  >  Thrombosis
Interactive resource

Creativity: Fifi Colston

Explore Fifi’s studio and discover how she creates wearable art. Look at aspects such as inspiration, motivation, planning and techniques. Plan a design to communicate a message. Choose objects and materials. Use tools to arrange elements of your design such as size, position and colour. Review and revise your work. Use ...


Depression era fancy dress garment, 1930-35

This is a Great Depression-era girl's fancy dress garment made in the early 1930s from a recycled house curtain painted with oil-based household paints, and worn by Patricia Chalcraft as a young girl. The dress is handpainted with cartoons and caricatures and accompanying text illustrating the work of the Heidelberg Unemployment ...


Hungarian national dress, 1974

This is a hand-embroidered and machine-sewn red velvet dress. It is an example of traditional Hungarian national costume and was made for Eva Castley by her mother. It is a full-length gown with bodice and cream-coloured half-length satin-like sleeves gathered with elastic. The neck is bordered with a satin frill and the ...


Borovansky Ballet's 'Terra Australis', 1946

This is a 20.3 cm x 25.7 cm black-and-white photograph of a ballet performance on a split-level stage in front of a painted backdrop featuring a dead white tree trunk. A male and a female dancer are in the spotlight and two groups of dancers are in the shadowed foreground.


Opera costume worn by Nellie Melba, c1910

This is a velvet, silk, cotton and leather opera costume dress, once worn by Dame Nellie Melba. Created by an unknown maker in about 1910 and measuring 132.0 cm (height) x 44.0 cm (width) this mannequin-mounted costume is a deep-fawn full-length dress that has a square neck edged with black velvet and thin piping of cream ...

Interactive resource

Vein: thrombosis (TS)

This is a high-resolution image of a section of tissue from the University of New South Wales Virtual Slide Repository. These resources can be manipulated like prepared microscope slides. They can be viewed at selected magnifications of up to 40 times, and in some cases the apparent illumination of the specimen can be varied. ...