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Sea surface information: datasets

This website contains datasets for sea-surface temperatures, the presence of chlorophyll and turbidity. The data are displayed on an interactive colour-coded map, with query, transect and time series buttons. The images created can be saved and the data returned can be downloaded. The page also contains links to related ...


Chlorophyll monitoring program: datasets

This website contains datasets for the presence of chlorophyll in the Great Barrier Reef. The data are displayed on an interactive coloured map, with transect and coastal options for each type of dataset. A number of other parameters, including area and season, can also be selected. Graphs can be generated and the data downloaded.

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Seasonal Cycles in Australia

This is a unit of work that focuses on seasonal cycles in Australia. Students explore how seasons vary based on location and how Indigenous cultures from different parts of Australia have systems and names for the seasons based on observation of the environment. Students also make comparisons with the concept of four seasons ...

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reSolve: Trigonometry: Rule of Twelfths

This sequence of three lessons gives students the opportunity to explore how tidal variations can be modelled and predicted using trigonometric functions and approximated with useful 'rules of thumb'. Students use real tidal data to explore how sailors make predictions at sea, draw their own graphs using a range of approximation ...