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Katoomba Railway Station, c1892-1917

This black-and-white photograph shows Katoomba Railway Station in the Blue Mountains in New South Wales. It has been taken from the eastern end of the station, looking west. Both of the buildings pictured are constructed of wood and feature a gabled roof. The larger building has four chimneys and gaslights hanging from ...


Steam transportation in Australia

Steam generated the principal form of mechanical power for Australia's transport systems from the second half of the 19th century until the widespread adoption of the internal combustion engine in the 20th century. This collection of digital curriculum resources is organised into six categories - steam trains; river steamers; ...


Building a Railway Engine, c1925: Building the 'iron horse'

This 1926 silent black-and-white clip shows steps in the assembly of a steam engine at the Islington railway engine construction and repair plant in Adelaide. The cylindrical steam boiler is shown being lowered as workers below guide it onto its frame. The clip then shows men attaching and tightening bolts by hand. An intertitle ...


Locomotive on its delivery run to Melbourne, 1954

This is a black-and-white photograph of a new B-class locomotive on its delivery run to Victorian Railways. The locomotive is suspended by a large gantry crane while workers use a traction engine to change the standard gauge bogie (one of a pair of pivoted trucks supporting a railway locomotive) to a broad gauge bogie, ...


Steam locomotive No 1, 1854

This is the steam locomotive that hauled the first train in New South Wales in 1855. Designated Locomotive No 1, it was built by Robert Stephenson and Co in England in 1854. The numeral '1', cut from brass plate, is riveted to the front of the chimney. Behind the locomotive is a tender, used for carrying coal and water, ...


Adelaide Railway Station, c1912

This is a black-and-white photograph of a scene at the Adelaide Railway Station in about 1912. A steam train is approaching a platform on which several people are standing, apparently waiting for the train. They are in silhouette, as is a tall gas lamp behind them. On the other side of two lines of 'broad gauge' track is ...


Governor-general's railway carriage, 1901

This is the governor-general's railway carriage, which was manufactured in Australia in 1901. The carriage is constructed of wood and finished in crimson lake and lined with gold leaf. The body shell is of Indian teak and the floor framing and under-frame are of pitch pine. It has platforms at each end, one of which is ...


Robilt toy steam locomotive representing Australian rolling stock, 1949

This is a 'Robilt Series 52', 0-gauge toy steam locomotive manufactured from metal by Robilt Products, Sandringham, Victoria, in 1949. The toy includes features such as four moulded metal driving wheels with coupling and connecting rods, a safety valve, boiler, steam dome and chimney. There is a brake lever on the right ...


Reconstructed first class New South Wales railway carriage, mid-1850s

This is a reconstructed first class New South Wales railway carriage of the mid-1850s. It consists of a varnished timber body rebuilt in silver ash, with a white timber roof and a black underframe with black iron wheels, springs and couplings (carriage connectors). The outside of each of the six doors, three on each side, ...


Lhuede family eating ice-creams at 'Puffing Billy' steam train station, c1977

This is a photograph of the Lhuede family eating ice-creams at the 'Puffing Billy' train station in Belgrave, taken in about 1977. A Holden car, a macrame handbag and the clothing of the time are all visible. The image was collected as part of the museum's 'Melbourne's Biggest Family Album' project in 2006. It is a digital ...


Locomotive No. 1, Sydney, 1855

This stereo photograph by William Hetzer shows the first train ever used in the state of New South Wales, Australia. A man wearing a coat, tie and top hat is standing on the railway tracks and a railway shed can be seen in the background.


These American Tourists Leave Melbourne After Breakfast, c1926: Aircraft workshop

This silent black-and-white clip shows home-movie footage of DH50A biplanes being built by Qantas airlines in Longreach, Queensland, and US tourists embarking on a flight. In the first scene a series of pan shots and dissolves reveals a hangar where men make timber parts such as wing frames and assemble the aircraft. A ...


Fleeing south, 1942

This black-and-white photograph, taken shortly after the bombing of Darwin on 19 February 1942, depicts a stationary open goods railway carriage, with canopy, carrying nine male military personnel. Five men sit or lean against the side of the carriage while others sit inside under shade. All the men appear to be shirtless ...


Sydney Tramways, c1928: Central Square

This black-and-white silent clip shows Central Square (now called Railway Square) in Sydney in the late 1920s. A continuous stream of trams is seen arriving and departing from the station with crowds of people getting on and off or walking to or from the railway station. Automobiles and buses can also be seen. The camera ...


General Motors Holden - Range of Products, c1958

This black-and-white clip shows an advertisement for the wide range of products, vehicles and equipment manufactured by General Motors-Holden's (GMH) and its subsidiaries. A narration accompanies scenes of GMH cars in a suburban street, GMH domestic appliances, its Dandenong factory producing parts for its subsidiary NASCO ...


General Motors Holden - Export Holden, c1962

This black-and-white clip shows a television advertisement that details the export of General Motors-Holden's (GMH) cars across the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. A male narrator explains in voice-over the history of Holden exports between 1954 and 1962. The advertisement features what is mostly actuality footage of the ...


Adelaide streets - asset 1

This is an excerpt from 'Adelaide', a 1928 silent documentary made by the Australian Development and Migration Commission. The excerpt opens with the intertitle 'A city that has been built true to the brave plans of its wise founders' and shows people, vehicles and buildings in three streets in Adelaide's city centre.


Interior of a Melbourne tram, 1945

This is a black-and-white photo of the interior of an electric W-class tram in Melbourne in 1945. A conductor is selling tickets from his leather bag, carried with a strap around his neck. The seated passenger in the centre of the photo, wearing a cap, is an army officer in summer uniform. On the right-hand side the male ...


Tram and cars in Melbourne, c1947

This is a black-and-white photograph taken at the corner of Collins and Queen Streets, Melbourne, around 1947. The W-class electric tram number 529 is travelling west along Collins Street, probably to Port Melbourne. It has stopped while passengers get on and off. At the rear of the tram can be seen the words 'Kew Depot', ...


A picnic train arriving at Queenscliff

This is black-and-white silent footage showing a steam train arriving at a station and large numbers of people alighting from the train and walking away from the station. It opens with the intertitle 'People from all parts of Victoria visit this delightful holiday resort. A picnic train arrives from Colac'. The footage ...