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Epidemic diseases in 19th- and 20th-century Australia

This collection of digital curriculum resources is organised into eight disease categories - influenza; tuberculosis; diphtheria; poliomyelitis; smallpox; whooping cough; measles; and bubonic plague. Some of these occurred in huge epidemics such as the Spanish influenza epidemic of 1918-19. Some, such as bubonic plague, ...



This collection of digital curriculum resources is organised in two categories - causes and spread of infections; and fighting infections. Videos and images provide a historical perspective of human infectious diseases in Australia, including epidemic events and drug and vaccine development. Learning objects explore the ...


'Immunisation. Goodbye to the plague', 1989 - asset 5

This is a clip from an educational film produced for the Department of Community Services and Health that was released in 1989 by the Australian Government to promote the benefits of immunisation. The 12-minute colour film is narrated by an actor in the role of an elderly man describing a range of diseases and infections ...

Interactive resource

Aches and pains: colds and flu

Look at how colds affect people over a week or more; two to three weeks for flu. Find out which viruses cause colds and flu, and how people develop immunity. Learn how the viruses spread, and how symptoms can be helped. Test your knowledge by answering multiple-choice questions. This learning object is one in a series of ...


Relenza Zanamivir influenza drug, 2004

These are packaged doses of the Relenza Zanamivir influenza drug, with an inhaler, a white screw-cap plastic bottle and a blue-and-white cardboard storage box, manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline, Australia, in 2004. The bottle originally held five rotadisk blister packages of Relenza, each holding four doses of Relenza in ...

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Feverish activity stops dengue's spread

Why have the number of cases of dengue fever in Australia quadrupled in recent years? The disease is spread by mosquitoes, so will injecting the 'Wolbachia' bacterium into mosquitoes solve the problem? Follow the scientists on the case.

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Why vaccinate?

The human immune system's role is to deal with the threat of infection. However, sometimes the immune system fails to stop an infection that can lead to disease. Vaccines are used to prevent some diseases. Discover how a vaccine helps the immune system respond to the threat of infection. Find out why vaccination is a controversial ...

Interactive resource

Biography: Federation people: David Syme

Investigate newspaper editor and proprietor David Syme's role in Federation. Examine two different types of biographies of Syme: one short and the other more detailed. Inspect examples of how he was visually depicted in his time. This learning object is one in a series of objects in the 'Biography: Federation people' series.


'On nights like this' by Josephine Rowe

'On nights like this' by Josephine Rowe is a poem in which the narrator summons memories of her absent mother captured in unhappy domestic situations. Thoughts of her mother feeding the rabbits on a cold winter's night is the one memory the narrator finds the 'nicest'. The poem is presented in a white box on a black background ...


'Untitled' ('Poem for a journey') by Anna Dunnill

'Untitled' ('Poem for a journey') by Anna Dunnill evokes the speaker's state of grief and indecision and then imagines the slow and painful movement towards healing and renewal. The poem is laid out as a single column, surrounded by clean white swirling lines growing up against a black background.


'The time I leapt into the sky ...' by Wanyima Wighton

'The time I leapt into the sky ...' by Wanyima Wighton is a short fiction in which the narrator describes taking flight interposed with memories of childhood - the adventures, games and imaginings. The piece is on a single page in two columns.


'Timeless' by Benjamin Teicher

In the allegorical short story 'Timeless' by Benjamin Teicher, Walter, an old clock repairman, contemplates his future as the world prepares for time to stop. On a house call to fix an antique grandfather clock, Walter learns from its owner that scientists have developed a machine that will cause time to stop in the near ...

Teacher resource

Creative writing with 'Dream machine' - Teacher idea

This Teacher idea provides information about and links to the TLF learning object 'Dream machine'. Chris McLennan describes how 'Dream machine' helped her students improve their descriptive writing by exploring the meaning and use of similes:


Homes for Crippled Children, c1940: Rehabilitation

This clip is taken from a silent colour home movie and shows children afflicted with polio undergoing rehabilitative hydrotherapy at a place named as Franston Home in an intertitle (not seen in the clip), but believed to be Frankston House, in Frankston, Victoria. Two boys are levered in and out of the pool while braced ...

Teacher resource

Using 'All this can I truly deliver' - Teacher idea

This Teacher idea includes reflections following the teaching of R11555 'All this can I truly deliver - unit of work'. The unit enables senior students to understand, relate to and develop an informed personal interpretation of Shakespeare's 'Hamlet'. Students actively explore the play using a range of drama activities.

Teacher resource

On the farm - unit of work

In this unit of work, students explore the characteristics of farm animals so they can begin to write descriptive text. This unit is particularly aimed at ESL (NESB) students and those who have limited experience of the world beyond their immediate lives. Students have regular opportunities to listen to and use correct ...


Children playing cricket at Manly Beach, 1964

This is a colour photograph showing children playing cricket on Manly Beach in 1964. Nine children are gathered around the batter, who is wearing calipers and is waiting for the ball to be bowled. Other beachgoers, the Manly Surf Pavilion, other buildings and some trees are in the background.


Protest outside Australia House, London, 1935

This is a 11.9 cm x 8.6 cm black-and-white photograph of four people standing outside Australia House in London in 1935. They are holding signs protesting Australia’s treatment of British exservicemen. Some signs read 'AUSTRALIA Celebrate the Jubilee by giving Ruined British Exservice Settlers FULL JUSTICE', and 'DON’T ...


Preparing dinner at a cattle station, 1956

This is a black-and-white photograph of three women preparing a meal inside a 1950s rural kitchen. The image is titled, 'Preparing dinner in the kitchen of 'Mayfield', 160,000 acre sheep and cattle property in western Queensland'. The women are serving food and hot drinks on a central kitchen table.


'Residence of John Macarthur near Parramatta, NSW'

This is a watercolour study by the painter Joseph Lycett (1774-1828), measuring 20.8 cm x 28.6 cm and painted around 1824. It depicts Elizabeth Farm, which had been established some 30 years earlier (1793) by the founders of Australia's merino wool industry, Elizabeth and John Macarthur. It shows an open park-like setting ...