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Australian Navy: Destroyers, c1930: 'Attack with torpedoes'

This black-and-white silent clip shows a training exercise featuring the launching of torpedoes armed with dummy warheads from a Royal Australian naval destroyer, the missiles being retrieved and a spare torpedo being winched on board from a depot ship while at sea. Several torpedoes are shown being launched in real time ...


Black-and-white stereograph of American and Russian warships, 1901

This glass plate negative stereograph depicts an American and a Russian warship at Railway Pier, Port Melbourne, for the Federation celebrations in Melbourne, May 1901.


Apple Macintosh software game 'Carriers At War II', 1993

This is the cover of an Apple Macintosh software game called 'Carriers at War II'. It shows a fleet carrier at sea firing cannons. Aeroplanes fly above against a backdrop of thick cloud. The text on the cover reads: 'STRATEGIC STUDIES GROUP / CARRIERS / AT WAR / II / FLEET CARRIER OPERATIONS / IN SOUTHEAST ASIA / 1936-1946. ...


Loss of HMAS Sydney, 1941

This is a collection of resources about the loss of HMAS Sydney. It is introduced by the minute (memorandum) seen here to prime minister Curtin telling him of the sinking of a German raider and of fears that HMAS Sydney has also been sunk. The minute is part of an online showcase called 'The Sinking of the HMAS Sydney' ...

Teacher resource

Cooee: a call to war: Teacher idea

This Teacher idea uses footage and photographs of the First World War to help students understand the causes of the War, the experiences of those who fought, the reactions of those on the home front and the Anzac legacy that continues today. It includes a unit of work developed and trialled by a teacher.


HMAS Sydney reported overdue, 1941

This document, dated 25 November 1941 and headed 'MOST SECRET', reports that the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) light cruiser HMAS Sydney was four days overdue into Fremantle and had not responded to Naval Board instructions. It states that a British tanker had picked up 25 crew members from a German ship, 'Comoron', sunk ...


The Australian navy in action

This collection of resources about the Australian navy is organised in six categories - destroying the Emden in 1914; training with torpedoes in the 1930s; the Second World War; the loss of HMAS Sydney in 1941; HMAS Canberra in harbour in 1941; and under fire in Darwin Harbour in 1942. The collection contains photographs, ...


'The exploits of the 'Emden'', 1928

This still image is from the 1928 film 'The exploits of the ''Emden'''. This image shows naval ratings (non-commissioned sailors) manning the gun on the Australian battle cruiser 'HMAS Sydney', which sank the German cruiser 'Emden' near the Cocos Islands in 1914. The image has been signed with the words 'Remembrance of ...


Referendum bullets: invasion threat

This is a silent black-and-white film clip of a First World War warship steaming into a harbour. The words 'REFERENDUM BULLETS. By W. M. HUGHES. If Australia were ever threatened with invasion, we would shudder to think that Britain might vote ''NO.''' are superimposed on the film. It is one of the political advertisements ...


Sydney Harbour, late 1930s

This is an excerpt from home movie footage compiled in the late 1930s by filmmaker David Waddington, showing a battleship arriving in Sydney Harbour, a crowd watching from the shore, a close-up of the ship, a seaplane flying over, and panoramic shots of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.


Sheet music cover for 'Columbia! Welcome!', 1908

This is the front cover of the music score for the song 'Columbia! Welcome! A Song of Greeting to the American Fleet', composed by Montague B Younger. The cover shows a line drawing of a US Navy warship, with the Australian and American flags behind. The three-page booklet was published in Sydney by W H Paling and Company in 1908.


The 'Great White Fleet', 1908

This is a black-and-white photograph of the 'Great White Fleet' on its visit to the Pacific in 1908. It shows 9, possibly 10, of the 16 battleships of the US Atlantic Fleet anchored in Sydney Harbour. The photograph measures 37.7 cm x 119 cm.


Convicts from hulks, Woolwich, England, 1779

This is a hand-coloured engraving of convicts from the hulks at Woolwich labouring in the docks area. Two hulks are anchored offshore with rowboats shuttling to and fro. Beneath the image is inscribed 'A View near WOOLWICH in KENT showing the Employment of the CONVICTS from the Hulks'. The engraving measures 29.8 cm x 44.9 cm.


Prison hulks at Portsmouth, England, c1814

This is an oil painting on canvas, measuring 50.4 cm x 98.6 cm, of at least a dozen hulks moored at Portsmouth Harbour, England, around 1814.


HMAS 'Fremantle' at Brisbane, 1942

This is a black-and-white photograph taken close to the time of the launch of HMAS 'Fremantle' on 18 August 1942, probably at the dockyard of Evans Deakin and Company Ltd at Kangaroo Point in Brisbane. The photograph shows the ship, which still has scaffolding attached to it, and part of the large crowd that attended the launch.


The Battleships, 2000: The First World War begins

This clip shows original black-and-white footage from the First World War (1914-18), including a military parade of troops, dreadnoughts, the funeral of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and soldiers 'going over the top'. Narration by the broadcaster Robyn Williams, interviews with two naval experts, and contemporary and archival ...


The Neptuna on fire, 1942

This black-and-white photograph shows the scene in Darwin Harbour on 19 February 1942 shortly after the Neptuna blew up at approximately 11.15 am following a Japanese bombing attack. The corvettes HMAS Deloraine and HMAS Katoomba are silhouetted against the skyline. In the foreground a small boat is rescuing people from ...


The bombing of Neptuna and Barossa, 1942

This black-and-white photograph shows clouds of smoke billowing from the damaged merchant vessels MV Neptuna, berthed on the left, and MV Barossa on the right. The photograph was taken on 19 February 1942 from a vantage point above Stokes Hill Wharf following the attack on Darwin Harbour by Japanese fighters and bombers ...