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Boys diving at the Olympic pool, Richmond, 1939

This black-and-white photograph shows boys practising diving at the Olympic pool in Richmond in 1939. It was collected as part of Museum Victoria's Melbourne's Biggest Family Album project in 2006.

Assessment resource

Beach safety: video campaign: assessment

Assess your ability to build a video for a public awareness campaign about safety at the beach. Work with a lifesaver to help make a beach safer. Look at the importance of water safety and skin protection at the beach. Hear some safety tips from some beach-goers. Then build your video. Choose appropriate animated clips ...

Teacher resource

River highways - unit of work

This unit of work focuses on the Murray-Darling river system. Students investigate river transport over time and the effects it has on the river and the surrounding environments. They view or reconstruct river craft used in the past, and appreciate the appropriate use of technology practised by Aboriginal people living ...


'Safety pays' - asset 1

This is an unposed photograph of a group of young people on a sandy beach, eating and drinking. It was taken from a story called 'Safety pays' in the newsreel 'Australasian Gazette' filmed in 1927.


'Safety pays' - asset 2

This is an unposed image of a group of six children on the beach, watching an adult perform artificial respiration. It is obviously a still, as the edges of the movie film are showing. It was taken from a story called 'Safety pays' in the newsreel 'Australasian Gazette', which was filmed in 1927.


Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse, 1904

This is a black-and-white photograph of the circular Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse in south-west Western Australia. It was taken on 21 April 1904, the day of the official opening of the Lighthouse. The complete lighthouse structure can be seen, as well as a weathervane on top of the Lighthouse. The first three lighthouse ...


Australia Today - Man-Eater, 1939: 'Silent terror of the deep'

This clip shows lifesaving practices on a busy Sydney beach in the 1930s, and includes an intertitle describing sharks as the 'silent terror of the deep'. Footage of lifesaving equipment on the beach is shown as the narrator describes the beach, lifesaving practices and the dangers of the surf. Towards the end of the clip ...


Australia Today - Man-Eater, 1939: Hunting shark

This clip shows an intertitle stating that thousands of pounds are spent each year to protect the public from shark attack even though the chances of an attack are '10,000,000 to 1'. A narration accompanies the footage, which shows Coogee Beach in New South Wales, its shark-proof enclosure, and fishermen on a fishing trawler. ...

Interactive resource

Your charter: at the swimming pool

Investigate five problems at a neighbourhood swimming pool such as jumping into the pool while others are in the water. Identify actions to help people get along better. Look for positive ideas to resolve dilemmas. Choose rules for a pool charter and rank them in order of importance. This learning object is one in a series ...

Interactive Resource

Sites2See: Surf safety

A webpage about surfing safety, dangerous waves and rips, and the history and science of surfing. A 'For Kids' section provides games and quizzes for young swimmers and surfers.