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Asia and Australia's Engagement with Asia is one of the cross-curriculum priorities. Use the link to explore some of the following questions.

Some key questions might be:

  • What do my students learn about Indonesian history or geography outside of my classroom?
  • What (if any) Indonesian texts are used by other teachers in teaching literacy or English? What images do they present of Indonesia? Are students getting a wide range of perspectives?
  • What do my students learn of the traditional and contemporary arts of Indonesia? Of music, film, visual arts etc?
  • Are there topics or approaches (e.g. to literacy) that could be shared?
  • How are other teachers teaching about Intercultural Understandings?
  • What’s the best way to generate change?

Implementing change

Start small. Teachers are dealing with a lot of change. The introduction of a great new picture story book for primary students, or a film set in Indonesia for secondary students might be a good starting point. You could give the history teacher a set of useful resources or provide the art teacher with a great website.

Find out what your colleagues’ interests are. Many teachers have been to Indonesia and/or have a specific interest in an aspect of Indonesian culture.

Building confidence in teaching about Indonesia

Many teachers have had little experience in their own education of learning about Indonesia or other countries in Asia. Many lack confidence that they know enough about Indonesian society or history and feel they may make mistakes. Sometimes the subject matter feels very foreign or ‘political’. How can you help with this?

  • Ensure that the school has a range of high quality resources about Indonesia.
  • Consider developing a sister school partnership so that relationships can build.
  • Nothing beats personal experience. Study tours and/or visits to Indonesia have been a real catalyst for changing attitudes and curriculum in many schools.

Teaching resources

Some regularly updated websites include the Asia Education Foundation: Indonesia Resources and Education about Asia. The US-based National Consortium for Teaching about Asia supports primary and secondary teachers in teaching about East Asia.

Indonesian Lesson Plans offers lesson plans across topics such as Hinduism, Indonesian music, Indonesian culture for students in primary and secondary schools. Teachable Indonesia: Grades K-8 provides ideas for a range of teaching topics.




The Arts

What can I do with this information?

Spread the word. You don’t have to work in isolation and you don’t have to do all the work. Teachers appreciate high-quality resources that are linked to the curriculum. Share these resources with other teachers in your school. Talk to your school librarian. Look at ways to integrate the learning, being mindful that every teacher feels that they have too much to fit into their existing curriculum.