Liveability and sustainable living

This unit of work provides learning experiences for year 7 students in geography through an investigation of the concepts of liveability and sustainable living. Students develop understanding of these concepts through a number of activities, which make use of online resources.

In the unit students undertake a range of brainstorming, discussion and idea generative tasks. These can be undertaken in a variety of ways, including ThinkPairShare, Graffiti sheets, Venn diagrams and other suitable visual thinking tools. It is suggested that teachers refer to the templates provided on the Global Education website, accessed through the Teaching strategies tab, to support this process.

Assessment ideas

There are assessment opportunities throughout this unit. The three parts of the unit and their activities relate to Geography Knowledge and Understanding content descriptions. Students are also provided with opportunities to address a range of Geographical Inquiry and Skills content descriptions.

Teaching sequence

While the three parts and their activities are not necessarily sequential, it is recommended to start with or to have covered the key concepts explored in Part 1. This lays the foundation for the central concept of liveability that is then built on in the following parts.

  1. Part 1: what is liveability?
  2. Part 2: using data to build a picture
  3. Part 3: improving environmental sustainability