Part 1: what is liveability?

In Part 1, students investigate what is meant by the term 'liveability'. The aim is to demonstrate that assessing the liveability of a place requires evaluation of a range of different measures.

These measures may include: access to social amenities, access to efficient public transportation, the quality of air and water, levels of crime and safety, and access to health facilities, among others.

Students are asked to think broadly about the idea of liveability and how the evaluation of these measures may differ from person to person.

Students also examine different perceptions of liveability by comparing internal community identity with outside perceptions of the liveability of a place.


  1. Activity 1.1: defining liveability
  2. Activity 1.2: where do you live?
  3. Activity 1.3: Concrete city
  4. Activity 1.4: then and now