Chinese / Year 1 and 2 / Communicating meaning in Chinese / Creating text in Chinese

Curriculum content descriptions

with support, use words, familiar phrases and modelled language to create spoken, written and multimodal texts, copying some familiar characters and Pinyin (AC9LC2C05)

  • creating, and then reading aloud, a story book using modelled language templates such as 你好 and 你好吗, and copying combinations of characters and/or Pinyin above matching pictures of family members, pets, animals, fruit, friends
  • role-playing a modelled conversation related to greetings and self-introduction, incorporating students’ own information 你好。我叫…, 谢谢, 再见, 你好吗?我很好。我不好。
  • making a classroom birthday chart/birthday card and cutting and pasting/tracing over the characters 生日快乐 and singing 祝你生日快乐, 一月, 二月, 三月..., 星期一, 星期二
  • matching bilingual captions/labels to images of First Nations Country/Place locations in their local area or elsewhere in Australia
  • using pictures, concrete materials and supporting gestures as a prompt to talk about self and the immediate environment, such as, collecting four or five play food items and sharing their feelings in sentences about likes and dislikes, for example, holding an apple and saying, 我喜欢苹果
  • drawing a picture around a component/radical which depicts the meaning, for example, drawing a mountain around 山 or labelling a picture with interrelated nature components with 河, 木, 云
  • practising modelled vocabulary, expressions and phrases using toys, puppets and dolls, for example, pretending to go to the doctor, 你好吗,  我不好,  我马马虎虎
General capabilities
  • Literacy Literacy
  • Personal and social capability Personal and Social capability
ScOT terms

Chinese languages

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