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Mathematics / Year 8 / Measurement

Curriculum content descriptions

solve problems involving duration, including using 12- and 24-hour time across multiple time zones (AC9M8M04)

  • using digital tools to investigate time zones around the world and convert from one zone to another, such as time in Perth, Western Australia compared to Suva in Fiji or Toronto in Canada
  • recognising the challenges of planning regular virtual meeting times for a company that has both international staff and staff within different states and territories, and the impact daylight savings has due to multiple time zones, explaining the mathematical language used to communicate current time such as Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)+\(8\), AEST, ACST and AWST
  • planning an international travel itinerary that covers destinations in different time zones across Asia
General capabilities
  • Numeracy Numeracy
ScOT terms

12 hour time,  24 hour time,  Problem solving,  Time zones

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