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'Painting', 1958

This is a painting in synthetic polymers by Ralph Balson (1890-1964). Made in 1958 and measuring 137.0 cm x 137.0 cm, the painting consists of an all-over pattern of black, blue and white daubs of paint that are spaced more or less evenly across the entire image. A number of these daubs, particularly the white units, have ...


'Mayfair: Xmas (Wildfire red) for Mrs Pretty', 2001-02

This is a painting on board by Robert MacPherson (1937-), dated 2001-02. Painted in synthetic polymer and measuring 183 cm x 244 cm, it features a horizontal format image that has been divided into two sections. The lower section is completely black. The upper section, which is white in colour and divided by a thin vertical ...


'Cream filling; phew, finger ring', 1971

In this acrylic painting by Richard Larter, 12 separate pictures are interspersed with multicoloured abstract designs. Painted onto the canvas to look like cut-outs are: a woman's face drawn in comic-book style; Elvis Presley singing into a microphone; two topless women; Friedrich Nietzsche; a skull, Mick Jagger singing; ...


Laminated glass sculpture, 'The Beginning of the End', c1995

This is a glass collage exploring the theme of birth and the intensity of life through a chaotic and colourful juxtaposition of glass assembled then fired. the panel is: 86.5 cm x 24.0 cm.


Howard Taylor: 'No horizon', 1994

This resource includes an enlargeable image and catalogue information about the painting 'No horizon' by Howard Taylor (1918-2001). Included is a video with audio commentary interpreting the painting, its style and meaning, and information about the artist's career. Additional information about his ideas and method of working ...


Black swan casket, 1914

This is a hexagonal (six-sided) container made in copper and decorated in enamel and gilt by the Australian modernist artist and designer Ethel Barringer (1884-1925). The strong geometric design has been offset by the liveliness of the insets on each side panel and on the lid, and the elegant arches at the base of the object. ...


'Silver and grey', 1969

This is an oil painting measuring 137.2 cm x 152.3 cm by Fred Williams (1927-82), dated 1969. The largely abstract landscape shows a number of variously shaped and sized patches and strokes of colour set against an all-over off-white background. In the upper half of the work are two long converging lines that extend almost ...


'Metal sculpture', c1974

This is a metal sculpture, measuring 122.5 cm x 63.0 cm, made in about 1974 by Robert Klippel (1920-2001). It consists of a large number of variously sized metal shapes and rods joined together to form an open, see-through construction. The sculpture consists of a box-form base made from straight metal rods, and two vertical ...


'The message arrives', 1995

This is an oil painting made in 1995 by James Gleeson (1915-). Measuring 131.5 cm x 177.5 cm, this largely abstract work is a swirling mass of organically shaped images and forms arranged around the irregular white shape at the centre of the work. These images and forms, which are largely off-white, grey and blue-grey in ...


'Subway escalator', 1953

This is a tempera painting by Frank Hinder (1906-92), dated 1953. Measuring 92.8 cm x 72.5 cm, this largely abstract work is dominated by a centrally placed lozenge-shaped unit consisting of a mass of variously sized and blue-coloured crystalline shapes. This central unit runs diagonally from the bottom right to the top ...


'Dead Goebbels he say', 1971

This is an oil painting made in 1971 by Richard Larter (1929-). Measuring 123.5 cm x 185.0 cm, the work consists of a number of faces and figures that have been appropriated from newspapers and magazines and arranged informally on a flat surface. One of the images of the men (upper right) wears a military cap and is gesticulating ...


Decorative tile, c1980

This is a decorative tile of red and brown enamel on metal with a clear glaze. It depicts a Mäori motif based on rock art from the Opihi River area of South Canterbury, on the east coast of the South Island, New Zealand. It shows five dogs and a human form at the head of a dominant central image of a stylised taniwha or ...


Plate designed by El Lissitzky, c1923

This is an unglazed earthenware plate designed in Germany by El Lissitzky in about 1923 and made by an unknown German maker. The round plate, which measures 11.9 cm x 2.6 cm, is decorated with five red geometric motifs stencilled on a black background. The motifs include a curved rectangular band in red that runs around ...


'Wendingen' journal cover by El Lissitzky, 1921

This is an art journal titled 'Wendingen' with a lithograph cover designed by El Lissitzky in 1921. The journal, which measures 32.7 cm x 33.2 cm x 0.5 cm, has a coloured, illustrated cover bound with fine string punched through six holes in the spine. The cover image features a geometric design in red, black, grey and ...


Tuckson, 1988: Passionate painter

This clip shows scenes of a gallery displaying the artworks of Australian painter Tony Tuckson. These scenes are accompanied by lively classical music, and a narrator identifies defining elements of Tuckson's painting style. This is followed by voice-over commentary by a friend or associate of Tuckson. This commentary is ...


'Organised line to yellow', c1933

This is an early Australian abstract oil painting by Sam Atyeo. Close to the outside edge a flowing dark line encloses a rounded rectangle, inside which a similar line half-repeats the circuit before twisting across itself eight times, after which it and a third line rise to form two symmetrically arranged, bending shapes. ...


'Paintings in the studio: "Figure supporting back legs" and "Interior with black rabbit"', 1973-74

This is a painting by Arthur Boyd showing a dark interior with a chicken-wire-covered window looking out onto a hot dry landscape. Propped against the wall is a big canvas of the outback at night. In it a naked woman with peacock feathers for hair holds up a naked wild-haired man and seems intent on castrating him. One ...


'Woman (Annunciation)', c1939

This painting by Grace Crowley is a cubist-inspired depiction of a seated partly naked woman who looks out at the viewer. Her elongated right arm and the right side of her chest and face are painted fairly naturalistically, while the rest of her is suggested by semi-geometric shapes of different colours. Some of those shapes ...


'White over red on blue', c1971

In this abstract painting by Tony Tuckson rough brushstrokes of white paint lie across an opaque layer of rust red over a translucent lapis blue. The painting records the energy and vigour of the artist's actions in making these dramatic marks. The bands of white paint appear bright against the spread of red. Beneath the ...


'Arrested phrase from Haydn Trio in orange-red minor', 1919-35

This abstract oil painting by Roy de Maistre has 14 vertical columns in purple, blue, red and green. Some of the columns are divided in two for part of their length. Rising across the columns from left to right (a few slant the other way and one is horizontal) are short diamond-shaped bands in other colours, and cutting ...