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Making Sense of our Senses

This informative digital text about senses is for teachers to read aloud to students. The text explains how our five main senses (hearing, sight, smell, taste and sense of touch) work. The resource includes a teaching sequence related to the Big Six components of literacy development (oral language, phonological awareness, ...


Melbourne Recital Centre

This 6 minute video segment from Catalyst explains how understanding the properties of sound and modelling has been successfully applied to create the ideal space for recitals.


Elliot and the Surfing Scientist: Making a mobile phone disco

Have you ever wondered how sound travels? Watch Ruben Meerman, the Surfing Scientist, as he makes a mini disco using his mobile phone to discover the answer.


Squeaky sand

This six minute video segment from Catalyst Two compares two beaches, one with white squeaky sand, the other with darker non-squeaky sand and their sand studied under a microscope. Dr Tim Senden attempts to shed some light on this mystery with the use of a visual model. Sand avalanches and the production of sound come into ...


experiMENTALS: Trumpet straw

This resource contains a materials and instruction list and brief explanation for students about the process of making a straw that can produce vibrations when blown through.


Sites2See: Exploring energy for Primary

One page with links to websites with interactive resources, information and activities to support primary students investigating energy and the Climate Clever Energy Savers program.